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    Noticeably cooler today with a nice breeze. It's been very hot and humid the last three days.
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    Hot and Humid
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    Morning cloud cover has made midday temps tolerable instead of middle-of-August hot: mid to upper 80s the last few days.
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    It's getting hot out here, so take off all your clothes!
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    Overcast, with sporadic showers, humid, and low 80's. It's what we call "monsoon weather" courtesy of Mexico. Arizona and New Mexico are usually recipients of this stuff.

    This is Southern California, for Heaven's sake!
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    We were supposed to get some "possible" t-storms from that same weather system, TI, yet none appeared. Blind Melon had it right for SoCal: no rain. In my experience, there's no such thing as "rain," just a bunch of simple clouds and humidity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qui-Long Gone View Post
    It's getting hot out here, so take off all your clothes!
    It's still hot here, but I will be keeping my clothes on even though I love this song!
    For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

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    Fall is definitely making its move.

    We were in triple digits just a few days ago, but the tell-tale sign is that we are now experiencing a 30 degree cool-down at night. We'll still have a few 100º+ days to go, but not many. 90s will be the order of the day in the weeks to come.

    Right now, we've had a front pass through and we're barely above 80ºF with low humidity and boring, clear skies as usual.

    Tremendously pleasant! Looking forward to the weather change.
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    Today was hot if you were in the sun, but comfortable if you could find shade. Even a little breeze at times. There are possible t-storms by mid-week, but I hope if they come, they bring rain and not just lightning.
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    It's been in triple digits for the past few days (even my neighbors to the south in LA proper have been hitting temps in the high 90's).

    We are expected to have a substantial cool-down (low 80's to upper 70's) about Wednesday or so. This could be our first official taste of Fall, especially if the temps remain no higher than the 80's now. We won't have any cool weather (Cali-style) until late October. I'm hoping at least to get rid of the summer 90º-100º temps for now. Be gone with theem!
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