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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Rain, rain, and MORE rain!

    Since Friday evening until this posting we've had about four inches of precipitation. "Big deal" you say? Well, our annual rainfall total is only about six inches of precipitation! And we're not done yet with this system!

    This is wonderful for dry, thirsty SoCal. We have an extensive underground water bank system in my area and this will recharge things nicely!
    Our area STILL doesn't have a good runoff or reclamation system, so it all just builds up, runs down the streets, and washes stuff away.

    Yeah, SoCal needs the water; just not all at one time. We simply need a break in the storm; it's been about 3 straight days with barely any gaps in downpours. Let the ground absorb some of this.
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    It's wonderful... if you're a Mon Calamari. Otherwise it's rainy rain that rains on your raining day. I got soaked just going from car to errands, and crossing the street.
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    I bought a tree early this afternoon. I figured it was the last chance. Was hoping to not have to get a tree while it was pouring, but that's not happening this Christmas. It's been sitting on the porch drying. I tried after it had been here about four hours to bring it in, and found all the water had drained into the base, which poured like a pitcher when I moved the tree. Hopefully it will be dry enough to come in tonight.
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    Noticing some new water marks on the ceiling, but with no end to the rain, it won't work to check the roof or attic until it stops. Argh. I don't like Terminator rain: it will not stop until you are dead tired of downpours and... no, it never stops at all.
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    Raining and flooding in San Diego.

    My storage unit company called me. I might have a problem, they said.

    I'm really not sure I'll have time to check it out today though. I am working really well and do not want to change my focus. Besides, there's nothing I can do about it anyway.

    In storage it's mostly my Hasbro figures / ships. I bought NOTHING to keep carded / packaged in the long-run. It's all to be opened for dioramas I want to one day build (maybe sooner than later, it looks like now).

    So other than having to replace generic cardboard boxes that they are organized in - I'm really not worried if they're even underwater.

    But seriously, my storage is on a mesa, and higher up. The underground part should have been built with adequate flooding control. If not, I'll ask for a discount on next month's rent.
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    OK, San Diego's gotten hosed.

    However, warning to fans of other NFL teams, lightning travels through water!

    Meanwhile, cars do not.

    This is right on the streets that I live off of.
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    Tycho, I can see how SD is submerged; ugh. Be safe.

    Chuxter, how are you all holding up where you are? The news had some grim shots of cars in mud up to the windows, even some overturned.

    JediTricks, are you close to any of the burn areas of LA and the potential slides?

    TeeEye, have you been called in for backup to help people stuck, or has that part of the state been less affected by the heavy rains?

    Here, thankfully, it's just been rain, rain, rain and no major damage. Including my roof. Best Christmas present so far has been the stop of downpour. :fingerscrossed:
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    The flooding where I am hasn't been bad. We're sort of on the mountain. Some minor flooding in the yard, but nothing serious. It's just been not much fun to drive in.
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    A second day of rain hiatus! Hooray!
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    Its currently 33 with light winds. And I"m thinking about getting an OUTDOOR run in today!


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