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    Yes, but did you see the whale?
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    Was nice and 55 yesterday by me. Just gorgeous out.
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    Today, upper 50s, possibly low 60s. Started biking to work again today. No pain.
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    I have not had the energy to go down to the harbor and see the whale. My friend came over and she treated me to lunch at a local cafe and we just stayed and visited at my place. I had a treatment at the hospital that kept me there until nearly 3am on Saturday morning and it's messed up my sleep so now I'm over-tired (else I'd feel fine - all labwork done thus far on my kidney transplant shows me doing excellent - but sleep helps!)

    Today would be nice to go watch the whale. It's sunny, blue skies, and back to the low 70's.

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    Whale watching season pretty much ends by mid-April as they leave the area for Alaskan waters for the summer. Next go-round will be in December when they head to Baja for the winter and to give birth and do the wild nasty.

    I went on a whale watching cruise as a kid (out of Oceanside) and it was an awesome experience! Highly recommended adventure!
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    Yeah, I too enjoyed whale watching cruises, but you can't beat a 10 minute drive (at max) including parking (probably - it might be awkwardly busy down there on the boardwalk, what with the whale now) - and getting to see a whale right away, for free, and garaunteed (almost - some have said you must be patient for an hour or so).

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    Utterly gorgeious in Saginaw, Michigan today. It was about 65 degrees and I washed and made my truck all beautiful. I was even in such a gracious mood that I let Cappy's twins play in for a long time.
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    We enjoyed weather in the 70's yesterday, and blue skies. Today it's said to be even better.
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    Our weather is gonna be amazing again today. It's only 11 in the morning but it's already 50.
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