I could start a new thread about one of my dreams for this, but it sort of goes with this subject.

I had a dream that nighttime refused to come.

It was 10pm and the sun had not set yet! People were thinking it was very strange, but they were liking it nevertheless.

So the sun was in like the 4:30 - 5 or 6 pm range in the sky over the ocean, but it was not getting any lower on the horizon. At first, the 9pm sunset was a little different, but no one thought to much about it. By 10pm and 10:30 when the sun still had not gone down, people were questioning it and what had happened to the earth.

If the earth had stopped spinning and China and Russia were facing away from the sun, destined for eternal darkness, I wonder if it would precipitate a war for sunlight?

That's kind of a good story idea.