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    I could start a new thread about one of my dreams for this, but it sort of goes with this subject.

    I had a dream that nighttime refused to come.

    It was 10pm and the sun had not set yet! People were thinking it was very strange, but they were liking it nevertheless.

    So the sun was in like the 4:30 - 5 or 6 pm range in the sky over the ocean, but it was not getting any lower on the horizon. At first, the 9pm sunset was a little different, but no one thought to much about it. By 10pm and 10:30 when the sun still had not gone down, people were questioning it and what had happened to the earth.

    If the earth had stopped spinning and China and Russia were facing away from the sun, destined for eternal darkness, I wonder if it would precipitate a war for sunlight?

    That's kind of a good story idea.

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    I'd want to live somewhere in the twilight so it wouldn't be too cold or too hot. Luckily, the way you're describing it, that's about where Maryland would be.

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    I don't think plant life could survive either on the all day or all night side. We'd all die out. Except for Bobafrett. He'd be in a library but his glasses would break. Wait, that was Twilight Zone? n/m.
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    Wednesday, I took my car out on the freeway for the first time after getting the new transmission. Everything felt really weird, like something wasn't set up right in the suspension. I was checking the lines in the roadway to see if they were grabbing the car, and that wasn't a major contributor. Then I rolled down my window and got blasted by high winds, turned out I had driven out with the windows up and not noticed that it was SUPER windy, the car is small and light, was being buffeted quite a bit. It was about 63, partly cloudy, and super windy. Yesterday was more of the same.

    Today it's clear and 73, looks beautiful.
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    JT, add wings to your car the next time you have it in the shop.

    FLY over all the traffic!

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    Mid 60's yesterday. Mid 70's today. 90's by the weekend!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    4-8 inches of snow accumulation expected. it's either rained or snowed all day so far.

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    You're now getting the system that hammered us a couple of days ago. Very chilly and windy. A 180 for us now.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Mid 60's yesterday. Mid 70's today. 90's by the weekend!
    Too bad Mother Nature ruined your symmetry by ignoring the Decade of Greed. Here, we expect to see the 80s for the first time in 20 years this week, with 86 today.
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    65 and sunny, supposed to be the best day of the weekend as the rain comes back tomorrow and into the week.
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