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    Low 50's or upper 40's, currrently 45 degrees at 11:29 p.m.!
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    Continued overcast with occasional rain showers. It's in the 60s and damp and humid.
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    Supposed to be about the same here: low 70s, cloudy, occasionally breezy. Right now, it's all that, minus the temp (only upper 50s so far).
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    Well since I got to walk outside today: mid 50s, can't decide if it wants to rain or just have everything condense in the air, overcast. If I knew I wasn't in Iowa City, I'd say rural Wales or England.
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    Back to a little more normal temps here in the 60's.
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    How did you know? That's it, exactly. That, and they were underpaying them, not giving them proper safety equipment around dangerous chemicals, and threatening them with physical violence if they complained.
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    Well, 60 today then back up to 80s Sunday and back down to 60s then 80s the weather controlled by a woman?
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    At last report, we here in the Chicago area are at around 56, with a high of about 64. But then they claim we are supposed to get sunny, and all I can see is grey clouds.
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    I just walked into the hangar bay to go down for breakfast and it's a beautiful morning out here. The sun is shining and the waves are very minimal. It's really something to see a sunrise out here. Words really don't describe it.
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    Cooler than it's been with some howling winds.
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