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    Mind you this was 5:30AM, but 50 degrees (on a bank sign), fog in low lying areas, slight wind NW direction, so tail wind on the bike to work but making it cooler than expected when wearing shorts and t-shirt.
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    Today is overcast. Gray skies, fog from the Pacific Ocean. We call it June Gloom in San Diego.

    We have this weather every year in June. That is why it isn't called May Gloom or July Gloom. June Gloom just sounds catchier anyway.

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    68 degrees outside, mostly cloudy. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.
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    June here in LA has been weird, overcast and upper 60s, random light rain, some burnoff. I got my car washed 2 weeks ago, and less than a week later the rain caught up to me on the freeway, COVERED my car in road grime and oil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    We have this weather every year in June. That is why it isn't called May Gloom or July Gloom. June Gloom just sounds catchier anyway.
    For the first time, this year I heard people refer to "May Gray," so there's your rhyming phrase for the previous month.

    Students and teachers (and probably parents and family, too) are hoping the heavy drizzle goes away for graduation tonight; drizzle and light rain may as well be a tornado or tsunami for SoCal-ers, as they panic, can't act normally, and just basically fry their brain cells (specifically in drivers).
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    Today was great the June Gloom cleared up, I said "hello" to blue skies, and I took my new pitch net out into the open greenery area in my apartment complex and threw for 4 hours!

    I wore my 55 rated sunscreen.

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    100ºF, 25% humidity, dew point 58º, winds NW@2mph.

    Summer officially starts this week end.
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    It was warm to start the morning, and probably got to around 85 by the hottest part of the day. Breezy, some high clouds near the mountains. Pretty nice day.
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    What a difference a day makes!

    Right now: 89ºF, 21% humidity, dew point 44º, calm winds, and clear skies! Beautymous!

    A carbon copy is promised for Father's Day!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    It's been really muggy lately (thankfully I work in a 65* workspace) and apparently it was foggy this morning as they called away the low visibility detail.
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