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    I feel like I'm living in the Northwest this week. Plenty o rain.
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    Hot, it's been over 100 degrees every day this week.
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    It rained really, really lightly on me while I was out pitching today.

    It's been gray skies all day, but the temperature is probably in the lower 70s and it feels really nice.

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    The last two days have been swelteringly hot. It's difficult to work outside what with the heat and humidity, even in the evenings. Had a couple of thunderstorms move through last night, but that didn't bring any relief. It's supposed to be drier over the next few days, though still hot.
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    It was supposed to be mid-80s today, but since the cloud layer never really broke, it stayed in the upper 60s/lower 70s.
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    Yesterday was hot, near 90, and humid.

    The day before, Friday, we had thunderstorms roll through in the morning, then again in the evening. The evening ones were bad, and the winds that came with it, took out our power from 7 pm, until 11 am on Saturday.

    Attached are before and after pictures of the storm damage to my canopy. In the first picture I'm sittting in the red polo shirt on June 7th, along with some friends, the next picture shows what was left, it's no longer usable, and is busted in many places.

    The third picture is me after going out in the rain, to get the canopy mess cleared before it ended up in my neighbors lawn.
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    I believe it was said better in "Good Morning Vietnam" about the weather here today. HOT!!! Humid!!!!
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    I was stuck in a classroom all day today, so I didn't really get a chance to take in the weather. All I know is that it was pleasantly warm.
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    It's been oppressively hot and humid this past week. Feel guilty sitting inside but it's too damn hot to try to do stuff outdoors.
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    HOT!!!! The thermometer outside my place says 91.6 and that's in the shade.


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