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    TI, you seem to be photocopying our weather a tad further south of you. Today's the 6th-straight 100-degree+ day, and I think tomorrow's supposed to be the last of those. It's expected to get into the high/mid 80s by mid-week. I sure hope so.

    Remember when late September weather was like BackInTheDay...?
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    It was noticably cooler today; still in the low 90s/high 80s, but much better than recent days.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    70ºF at 9AM this morning when I checked the ol' thermometer instead of the usual 90. Niiiiiice!
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    Crappy. Rainy. Grey. Windy. Depressing.
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    Winds brought the temps back near 90, after two days of fog in the morning and a cool start to the day. Supposed to be only upper 70s after this weekend. We'll see.
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    Dee-lightful! Mid to low 80's this past week with a cool-down promised tomorrow. Definitely feels like Fall now. I hope we've said "good bye" to the 90s for the year.
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    Rainy, cold, cloudy, garbage if you ask me.
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    Buffalo, New York went from the 2nd driest month on record (22 days without a trace of rain) on September 25th, to the ninth wettest September in 150 years of record keeping.
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    Local fires starting up again, combined with virtually no humidity and strong breezes. Ugh. At least the hot weather's over for a time (topped out around 84 today).
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