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    Cool and cloudy today. Slight chance of rain (Hey! It's SoCal, remember? We only get about 6" of rain per year here in my area due to geography. Heck, LA is only 100 miles south but gets almost 15" per year!).

    I hope it does rain. It normally keeps the knuckleheads hunkered down.

    [edit] Very windy now (some 5 hours later). Warmed up, too, which is bad for the possibility of some rain.
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    Nice and Football/Cigar smoking cold!
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    Horrible night last night due to the wind. We had three killed in traffic on I-5 west of town in a multi-car pile-up due to blowing dust (big rigs and rice burners don't mix). Local knuckleheads were active in spite of it, too. I didn't get off work on time last night (car thieves.....but, they're our guests now).

    NoCal went under water with heavy rains; SoCal got a bit wet. We are just now getting a trace this morning in my odd little area due to the rain shadow that blocks systems because of our geography.

    Cloudy and drizzle and the moment. Streets and sidewalks are slimy and muddy because of the mixture of dust and water.
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    Another sub 40 day with rain. It may clear out for the day (like I know with the white cinderblock walls all around me), only to return tonight.
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    Were having mid November weather in October, it's crazy, it's crappy, it sucks.
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    Here comes the sun!
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    We won't be getting any sun until about Sunday. The worst part is, I'm supposed to act in an outdoor Haunted Hayride this weekend in rain and 40 degree temperatures.

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    Yesterday: steady, even heavy rains, clouds.
    Today: sun, little wind, no clouds, upper 80s.
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    Big cool-down now. Currently in the 40's but clear, bright sunny skies a la typical SoCal.
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