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    In the low 30's at the moment, supposed to get up to a high of 44. At least the sun is out, it was cloudy and went from 44 degrees yesterday morning and tems dropped all day, with strong winds.
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    Warm! 81 and clear.
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    It was a beautiful day at the beach today!

    All those girls in their bikinis...

    Gosh I love it when I can sense summer coming!

    I'm afraid the good weather is probably temporary, as we'll have April Showers, May-Gray, and June Gloom, yet. That's typical.

    Our real summer is July, August, September, October, and November.
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    Hoping for more rain tonight, but not until I get my new grill put together.

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    Rain, hail, wind. Quite the little Spring storm!
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    I drove to work in the rain, which turned to snow and now It has been snowing all day... it's cold enough to stick to the grass, but not the streets and sidewalks.

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    It hit mid 50's today, although there is a decent wind coming off the lake (Michigan) that is keeping things cooler.

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    Pig terds are falling from the sky. It's weird. It looks like it's raining, but it's pig terds.

    How can I be so sure that it's pig terds, and not ordinary turds? Simple. Each pig terd contains a discolored Jar Jar Binks figure.
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    I woke up to about 6 inches of snow!!! Its supposed to rain/snow all day.


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