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    We normally have at least one episode of 110º-115º heat during the summer (116ºF is the all-time record temp. here) which lasts for a few days. I guess this is it. What's weird is that Mr. Weatherman is predicting low 80's by the weekend!

    It looks like our nickname "The Big Bake" is well-deserved this week.....
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    The weathermen/ladies on the Palm Springs channels (the closest network affiliates, though the temperature is usually about 3-5 degrees warmer there) have been consistently predicting a drop to the low 90s "in three days" for the last week. The "in three days" just keeps moving slowly out. It certainly ain't 90 here today, though it's humid and cloudy and keeps thundering, and I'm hoping for some rain (30% chance).
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    111? Feh. Been in the 115 range here. And my idiot HOA is complaining about people's backyards dying, given that heat and the lack of water.
    You may wanna suggest they switch to zoysia then, it's a much more resilient grass to temperature shifts, and is VERY difficult to kill. It's slow, but once it's in, it's IN, heat generally cannot kill it, it doesn't require mowing very often, never needs feeding, almost never needs watering even in a drought. It does shift color in cold though to yellow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    It certainly ain't 90 here today, though it's humid and cloudy and keeps thundering, and I'm hoping for some rain (30% chance).
    Well, I got a car wash this week, so congrats on your upcoming rain. It's supposed to hit low/mid 80s by Saturday, and the desert/mountain regions have flash flood warnings. We shall see.
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    Cooled all the way down from 111º on Wednesday to 107º on Thursday.

    Where's my jacket?
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Unbelievably, it's 81ºF! A nice, breezy cold front invaded the valley last night. A nice change, but we'll be in the mid-90s by Monday.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    The weather has been horrendous here in Pensacola. It has been raining for the past few days and it doesn't appear to be letting off anytime soon. Stupid hurricane season.
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    The predicted morning overcast helped the temps quite a lot: yesterday was maybe 80 at the most, and this morning is still cloudy and cool. I'm in favor of these trends continuing.
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    After nearly a week of cool weather summer is "back", its been humid and in the mid 80's the last couple of days.

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    Believe it topped out yesterday at 106 but the fires surrounding the area added the smoky pallor to the air. It's predicted to cool significantly by mid-week (not even hit 80; nice ) with clouds that remain.
    "That's what Sheev said."


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