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    Thursday we broke a record and tied one yesterday for the coolest maximum temperature...upper 80's! With low dew points, it's been extremely pleasant! Warm, but not hot! Unfortunately we're creeping back into the 90's today and are on our way back to triple digits in the near future.
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    Its heating back up, its in the mid 80's now but we'll be pushing 90+ for the next week!

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    Gonna be hot. Yesterday, driving about 500 miles south to get home from Nevada, I had cool mountain temps, to almost 100 in the desert places; often gusty winds too.
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    H-O-T-T- HOT, 90 and super high humidity. On the local weather broadcasts they've been saying the dew point is in the "tropical" range. I don't recall seeing that one before, and I've never been to a tropical environment but I do know its d@mn hot kids!

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    Dew points in the 60º-70º range = NASTY!
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    Even hotter today, I think the official high was 96...and STICKY! Should "only" be about 89 tomorrow.

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    Be ready for numerous facebook posts of cameras snapping pictures of insane car temp readings.
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    I like the heat. You won't hear me complaining about it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I like the heat. You won't hear me complaining about it!!!
    I loved it as a kid, the hotter and stickier the better, that is until I worked a couple of summers in an aluminum foundry. YIKES!

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    Low 90s, cloudy, and humid. Now it's gusty, but during the day, it was dead, thick air.
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