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    That's why I use the school car wash fund raisers; cheap, decent job (if you arrive early when the rags aren't soaked and dirty), and soon to be gone when the first moisture and dust combo arrives a few days later. And you're helping the community... and promoting water and soap fights!
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    Warm (87ºF) and getting muggy because of the chance of rain tonight. At least we're out of triple digit season, now.
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    It was cool, upper 60s, then all of a sudden it started raining for an hour, and now it's sunny again.
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    We had a brief rain time, too. They were heavy drops, but only for about 10 minutes or so; even had a faded rainbow. Awesome sunset clouds after. It was hot but not super-hot (upper 80s/low 90s) and sunny up until then.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Right this second its 43 and cloudy with todays high expected to be about a dozen degrees or so warmer.

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    Rain, both steady and heavy at different times throughout the day, breezy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Rain, both steady and heavy at different times throughout the day, breezy.
    Same here up the road a piece. Rain total at my house was .77". In my area, that's almost biblical proportions!
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    74º and sunny... now leave me alone!

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    We've been getting into the low 70's the last few days and it should stay that way until next Wednesday. #Indiansummer

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    Low 60's right now. Our first winter storm of the season made its way through Wednesday bringing the cooler temps for the past few days (not to mention almost an inch of rain...huge amount for my area). I'll be breaking out the long sleeve uniform shirts for the first time in a long time tonight (30s in the mountains). Typical Fall for Cali, though. We will be flirting with the 90s by next Wednesday.
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