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    Winds haven't stopped in over 24 hours (more like at least 30, I'd guess). I've been up (with some restless "sleep" over the last 3 hours before I got out of bed) since 2am, courtesy of the squeaky wind turbine on the roof; I do not look forward to getting up there to re-strap the thing. Thankfully, no damage aroud, just debris. It's supposed to be "warmer" today by about 5 degrees. Oh, and rain's predicted for tonight/tomorrow.
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    Today we had a heat storm with a record high of 50 degrees! Actually yesterday was nicer with the sun being out and whatnot, today it was a bit overcast (but still nice for January!).

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    Started the morning in the mid 20's with a clear sky in Winslow, AZ then progressed to some fierce winds west of Needles to Barstow, then was welcomed to some nasty, hazy skies arriving at home.
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    Heavy winds last night, pleasant weather aside from that (upper 60s/low 70s, no clouds); still some breezes, but nowhere as bad as last night.
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    Right now its about 14 with no wind, the other day we got our first snow of the season, about 5 inches.

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    It was reported that we'd have showers over the past 2 or 3 days, and we did. Think if I took a regular shower (5-10 minutes long), filled up that water in a container, and spread it out over the entire area. It's been cooler (mid-40s as lows, low-60s as highs) lately, with clouds and slight breezes. Supposed to be upper 50s today, with some cloudiness.
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    It's been warm the last week, and then out of nowhere last night it started raining. Now it's sunny but cold, upper 50s, almost 20 degrees lower than Friday. Too bad the pool heater is still waiting for parts, or I'd go swimming today before the sun leaves us.
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