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    Yay! A California "winter" day! Cloudy, windy, (promise of rain and snow at the 3000' level in the mountains), and a brisk 45ºF right now. We are desperate for rain and snow, so I hope it happens. The cool temps are welcomed, too. The dog days of summer aren't that far off and it's a nice break.
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    It's supposed to rain today, I was looking forward to opening my blinds and eating breakfast facing the rain, but alas, nothing yet. It's gone from cloudy to sunny and back, and about mid 50s temp. I'd like to see some rain during the daytime, I'm in the mood for it, but I suspect it's going to hold out.
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    Been raining here for about two hours, JT. The rain should be on its way! Also, I-5 is closed between you and me. Yay! Snow!
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    'round here people think we will be getting Snowppocaoypse on Tuesday/Wednesday. Depending on where you get your weather info from we could be getting as little as 1 inch or as much as 10 inches of snow. Way to nail it down boys!

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    Looks like we're getting some snow tomorrow...thankfully I'll be at work all day, but just hoping for an easy ride home tomorrow night!
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    We had 69 and sunny yesterday. It's about 48 and grey today. So far.
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    A warming trend for this weekend (expected to reach 80s), but breezy. Watch out for those open fires, outdoors people!
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    The weather forcasters were saying we'd get between 4-7 inches of snow between last night/this morning, we maybe got 4 (wet and heavy) inches. Right now its about 35 and everything is melting.

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    Yesterday: 80ºF, clear, sunny.

    Today: 50ºF, cloudy, w-i-n-d-y!
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