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    Yesterday was supposed to be 80, it turned out to be 72. Today is supposed to be 72, right now it's fairly mild with a light breeze, but it's a VERY strong sunshine factor showing up.

    I'm thinking about what to do during Comic-Con as it's about to heat up and my collection, plus my DVR, might not survive if it gets too warm. I won't leave the A/C on but I am trying to decide between shutting everything to keep it cool (basically blacking out the place) or leaving everything open for the breeze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Glad our region gets a reprieve, TI: only two days of 100+... with the rest averaging 95 or so. :sweat:
    We've been promised 110ºF by Wednesday.

    It did hit 100 even yesterday; inching ever closer to 110 until then. I think our all-time high is 116ºF.

    [Edit] Current readings....
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    Another toasty 101ºF today with monsoonal clouds peeking over the mountain tops.

    Not as bad as Death Valley at 126º today, which is about 150 miles east of here.
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    It hit about 85 today, it wasn't too bad (at least compared to last weeks sweat fest).

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    It's been more humid lately, with clouds. But 100+ for the second (third?) straight day means it's just plain ol' hot. Only breeze starts in the late afternoon, so it's dead air.
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    (Thankfully) did not reach the predicted 110ºF, however it was toasty enough today:

    [edit] Geez! It's 11:30 PM and still 90º!
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    Another 104ºF day with dew points in the 50s; Arizona being generous with its monsoon weather. No lightning, though, danger is quite high, thank you very much.
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    We got rain. The clouds and humidity paid off! And cooled things off about 10 degrees... down to about 92.
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    It's not called Bakersfield fer nuthin'! (Heat index of 109º).

    [edit] Topped out at 106ºF. Around 5PM, the predicted "cold front's" leading edge hit sending temps and particularly dew points down (read: chasing the monsoon influence out of the area). We're now at 84ºF at 10:30PM and dew points are down by 15 degrees....a whole bunch dryer!
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