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    Relatively pleasant day compared to the past few. 98ºF for a high today with continued low dew points. About an hour ago watched an impressive lightning show over Barstow, 100 miles away! Glad it's there and not closer here: Fire danger in our mountains is very high at present.
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    Another heat wave on tap for the next few days.

    Currently clear and 104ºF. However, will be flirting with unwanted monsoon weather from Arizona for the next couple of days as well.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    The week has all 9s at the start of temps; which is better than the 1s last week. Threat of thunderstorms continues, but so far hasn't manifested itself. Currently cloudy and a touch humid this morning.
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    101ºF for a high with lots o' wind.
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    It started coolish with temps in the 60's then it got sticky for most of the day. I'm waiting to go on my daily run and now it cooled off and rained a bit.

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    In the 100s all week, with a predicted high of 108 on Friday. Bigger issue is the high low temps at night (in the low 70s), which doesn't give enough opportunity to cool down some.
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    ....and it's expected to get even hotter over the weekend.
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    See? Tolja so....20 minutes later and it's hotter...
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    This week, one day at 5pm it was still 100; today, "only" 95 at 6pm. Humid, thick air, little breeze.
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    Some rain drops, lots of clouds today (which meant humidity); over 100 degrees from about noon, I'd gather.
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