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    Last night, there was a brief (under 20 minutes, I'd guess) downpour thunder and lightning storm, that actually had foam visible with all the water rushing down. I asked some co-workers today how they handled the rain: no one even had any, and live within 15 miles of me, some within about 8. Weird.
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    After the heat we had earlier in the week its cooled off big time. This morning it was 48 when I work up and the high is supposed to be 63.

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    Mid to upper 90s still but we're promised a cool-down beginning next week (upper 80s to low 90s). A sign that Fall may be making its presence known.
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    Second day of 100 or higher temps. This is stay-inside weather weekend for sure. (those are tears of sweat)
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    Rain in the morning, and decent rainfall, too. It was cool (maybe low 70s as a high) today. Hope that helps put out the fire burning to the east.
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    Clear and mid 80s lately with cooling down in the 50s at night now. SoCal autumn is here!
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    At school, there were wickedly strong winds. Back at home: nada. Temps in the upper 70s/low 80s. Supposed to top 90s and near 100 over the weekend.
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