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    Fires around here + about 6% humidity + 70+ MPH winds (which means no air water drops) + near-record temps (almost at 100) = terrible air quality. Time to stay indoors; school was cancelled at my site tomorrow, after evacuating the campus this morning. People seem to all be okay, but there were some mandatory evacuations near the foothill areas within the fire's path.
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    We had a bit of everything today: fog, rain, wind, sun. We topped out at about 50 but that was for a fairly brief period in the early afternoon.

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    This morning: no squeaky wind turbines (I was on the roof yesterday to cover up and tie up them, before I headed to work), and hardly any smell nor visible fire smoke, but the winds are stronger and the temp feels hotter (predicted to near record highs today) already .
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    Still supposed to be hot today (low- to mid-90s here, and I'm heading to a writing conference in a place where you can usually add anywhere from 2-8 degrees ), but winds are significantly less strong. Fire's up to 67% contained.
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    Low 90's and spectacular blue skies with wispy clouds. (A few cool looking lenticular clouds over the Sierras, too!).
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    Rain! Could've used it a few days ago, but we'll take it. Gotta watch those strong winds though. Doubt it even broke mid-60s today.
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    Today's high was about 58 which was great, but that came with a constant winds in the 20 mph range.

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    We had our first day in the 70's!!! However there was probably a 20ish mph wind blowing constantly so the day wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable as it could have been.


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