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    Breezy, mid-80s with my favorite lenticular clouds hovering over the Southern Sierra to the east.
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    Clouds and winds (odd combo) have cooled it down quite a bit (probably low-60s maximum) from the near-100s last week. Some people said they even had rain on their way to work.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    We were supposed to get rain yesterday (which would've made the outdoor HS graduation ceremony different), but apparently it was just 24 hrs late (had a faint double rainbow, a couple lightning bolts, a few thunderclaps). Went away as soon as it came. Other than that, today was really nice (mid-70s, some clouds, breezes).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Hot but not too hot (low-90s), with a few clouds here and there, breezy in the evening.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    It was in the 70's earlier today but its been raining off and on for the last few hours.

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    Had a bit of nearly everything today. Started off this morning in the mid 50's, then rained out like it was Kamino, then the sun came out and we hit the high 70's.


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