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Thread: Ahsoka Tano

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    Talking Ahsoka Tano

    Okay... I have to admit that she's really grown on me. I don't mind her so much these days. In all honesty, I think they realised her better than they realised young Anakin in the movies!!!

    Is anyone else besides me not an Ahsoka hater?
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    I love her! She is fun and adds a something to the padawan dynamic that has been missing. She doesn't always listen, like most teenagers.
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    I just mainly think it's weird that we started another thread for the series. I looked and there have been a few more, but I do think we should split up some of it more. Anyway . . .

    I didn't outright hate her in the movie, though all the nicknames were indeed annoying after a while. The battle droids' mental disabilities were worse, though. Thankfully, both seem to have fallen by the wayside as the show has progressed. It seems like Jar Jar has taken back the role of the comic relief once more, which is fine by me.

    Now, anyway, I actually do like Ahsoka. She's a good match as Anakin's Padawan and her characterization has gotten immensely better by this point. I would like to see more actual training - I know she and Anakin can't really do exercises at the Temple, but I enjoyed seeing Anakin teach her about responsibility on Storm Over Ryloth last week and I'd like to see more. I would also like to see some other Jedi with Padawans, since apart from the recently-knighted Nahdar Vebb, we haven't seen too much of the master-apprentice dynamic here yet and I think they should expand it.
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    she doesn't bother me at all (aside from skyguy), but will it be the climatic series ending that will feature her death?

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    She don't bug me.

    My daughter LOVES her.
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    She is alright. Take her or leave her is how I feel.
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    Do you know I just started watching this show on HD? I really enjoy it, and I am surprised by that. I think Ahoska is great and I completely get how kids love her. She's alright by me!
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    Ahsoka is my Jar Jar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    Is anyone else besides me not an Ahsoka hater?
    No hatin' on Ahoka from me. I like the character quite a bit.

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    Aside from the usual complaint I make about so many female Jedi (inappropriate/nontraditional dress), the closest I've come to complaining about Ahsoka is her animation. Just something about her animation bothers me more than the other characters. I can't even put my finger on it. I suppose I can complain that Episode III should have mentioned her, but I honestly hope something is added to the Super Nifty Extra Special Spiffy Edition of the movies.

    Aside from that, I can understand how she might not be for everyone. The only thing I can't understand is when people think she's worse than Jar-Jar. I just can't fathom that. I fully understand the concept of opinion, I don't need it explained to me in that warm and caring sarcasm that infects so many posts on the Internet. It's like saying it's simply opinion that getting a hug is better than being beaten within an inch of your life by a baseball bat. Some masochists may agree and prevent pedants from giving them the finger and declaring it fact, but the quality of the conclusion is more than just a little misleading.
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