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    Building fall down go boom

    Locally we've had some fun here today. Early this morning a building in our downtown exploded. I'm not sure which building blew because it took three others with it. Two bars (one was very poplar, don't know about the other) a restaurant and an art gallery are gone. There's just a big creator left. The current problem has been the natural gas leak that's been going on. The gas has just been burning off. But turning it off has been a difficultly because it's an old line without modern shutoff valve.

    For those the care, here's a link to a "local" news paper with updates and photos.
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    Heard it mentioned when I was at work today, but didn't catch anything on the news about it. There was a pipeline explosion here in Bellingham, WA back in June 1999. I was running in and around the park where it occurred at the time it was happening.

    Given how destructive the blast appears to be, and that it occurred in town, it seems lucky that there weren't a lot of injuries or fatalities. It sounds like there is just one person missing. The blast that occurred here killed three people, two young boys and and older teen that were in the park at the time.

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    There's a bonus chapter in the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga game where you take SW characters into an American suburban neighborhood and you blow everything up.

    I took Anakin Skywalker and Chewbacca. Me and my friends blew up a lot of buildings.

    Then Chewie went back to the Mos Eisley Cantina and started a bar fight.

    There were many fatalities and wild banthas, tauntauns and a dewback were running around the neighborhood streets.


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