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    So, is Mawhonic a normal sized Gran or a midget one?

    all the other pod racers seem diminutive but then there's a big fat looking Gran sticking out like a sore thumb. the costume was regular sized, or at least the same size as Aks Aak in the senate scenes. but was he supposed to be small?

    Hasbro has a figure of Mawhonic coming out but they often get scale wrong so I doubt you can take a figure into account. and the movie doesn't reqlly make it clear how big he is.

    any ideas?

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    don't know if this helps, but here's his page from

    he's listed at 1.22 meters

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    Four feet tall? That's crazy! Their listings also put Ark Roose at 5'4", and he looked fairly large in the deleted scene. I always thought Mawhonic was regular sized.
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