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    Baby Sea Lion Goes Dining Out In San Diego On His Own!

    I thought a lot of you would find this cute:

    Baby Sea Lion Goes Dining Out

    Apparently, this baby sea lion likes the food at Chevy's.

    This is about 10 minutes from where I live.

    And the baby sea lion crossed a major road to get there!


    - Josh

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    I saw a clip of the Pelican that landed at the Shamu show in San Diego. You can guess with a tank of killer whales what hapened to the bird. It's on Youtube!
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    That's a weird story! Maybe he's originally from Cabo San Lucas, crossed the border, and was looking for his native food!

    My grandparents lived in Oceanside (just north of Del Mar) for a number of years and I never saw sea lions along the coast there. I always thought it would be too populated for the critters (especially with Camp Pendleton there) and they would avoid the area.
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    Nah, seals have taken over Children's Pool in LaJolla for many years now. There's a big debate as to whether to kick them out. I'm for letting them stay.

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    I like the food at Chevy's but that's an awful lot of trouble to go through just to get there!

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    Yeah. Most of us drive. This little fellow decided to swim - and then walk on all "fours" the rest of the way - through traffic nevertheless.

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    when i read the title of the thread, i assumed it was a follow-up to the 'i got eaten by a shark dream.'

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    That's a good story.

    He's a cute sea lion too!!
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