The past few weeks have made me really bitter with respect to o-ringed GI Joes having spent nearly $100 on replacement o-rings for figures that have had multiple o-rings breaking in the 1999-2006 time frame. The stuff from 82-90 doesn't seem to have had any problems having replaced only 15 o-rings from that time. So please, take a look here. The more you can offer from my wants, the more i'm willing to give from the "for trade".
If you want pictures, please ask, and I'll try to get requested lots posted. Want references? I got those too.

For Trade
The figures come loose with accessories listed. You can inquire about most, but I have rearmed most of my figs with bbi or Marauder Inc weapons, tossing or trading away the rest over time. I will try to match requests, but I cannot promise anything. I am willing to give different armaments, and I have no modular Marauder guns available at this time.
Cobra Trooper with Marauder Inc AK-47 solid stock, original pistols, Backpack. X4
Cobra Officer with Marauder Inc HK36c, original pistol, Backpack. X2
Snake Eyes sword from comic pack #21, sheath, Marauder uzi.
Zartan. Will include cowel, masks of Duke and Flint. Hasbro pistol with silencer.
Alpine (Tiger Force), rope, grappling hook, submachine gun included with GI Jane.

Comic Pack Cobra Commander. Comes with Pistol similar to Viper/Cobra troops.
Comic Pack Clutch (custom). Steeler style helmet, silver M119a pistol.
Comic Pack Hawk. Hasbro M16.
Comic Pack Grunt (custom, body similar to Hawk). Hasbro M16/M209.
Comic Pack Zap Custom to be on comic pack Short Fuze body. HEAT launcher, pistol, Steeler styled helmet.
Comic Pack Steeler (custom). Clutch arms, helmet with visor, Marauder Uzi.
Snake Eyes. Want a Timber, Just ask. Hasbro folding stock uzi, bbi pistol in ankle pouch, vest, grappling hook and hard plastic bag.
Comic Pack Snake Eyes #21. Marauder Uzi, Sword.
Comic Pack Scarlett. Includes crossbow and quiver backpack.
Comic Pack Breaker (customized). V1 head with v1 Helmet, Hasbro M16.
Comic Pack Zartan with quiver, 2 arrows and bow.
Comic Pack Buzzer. Black gas can backpack and saw.
Comic Pack Ripper. Black jaws of life, hose, backpack. Customized rifle (bayonet silver, stock brown).
Comic Pack Flint. Bbi black shotgun no stock, backpack.
Comic Pack Hawk. Helmet and silver M119a pistol.
Comic Pack Stalker. Hasbro M14/M209, v1 Grunt backpack customized to match cammo.
Comic Pack Rock & Roll. Bbi M249 SAW, Star Wars AT-TE gunner helmet cover converted to helmet.
Comic Pack Short Fuze. Comes with mortar and M16.
Comic Pack Snake Eyes
Comic Pack Storm Shadow. Sword with sheath.
Comic Pack Duke. bbi M4/M209
Comic Pack Destro. Eyes painted green, Skorpion pistol.
Comic Pack Firefly. Backpack has customized paint job. Black rifle, backpack w/cover, phonee.
Comic Pack Scrap Iron. Marauder P90 w/silencer and phone.
Grand Slam. Helmet, laser rifle backpack and hose.
Flash custom based off Grand Slam design. Laser Rifle and backpack. Helmet NOT included
Comic Pack Lady Jaye. Will include 25th style Javelin backpack as well as helmet and Javelin launcher.
Cobra Trooper x2. Comes with Hasbro style rifle that came with Zap, Cobra Trooper and Tunnel Rat. X2

Want List
All are 25th Anniversary style figures, only want figures with their webgear/vests. Donít need complete accessories except where noted. . They are listed in order of importance/desire.
Grunt from GI Joe Command Pack (hell he could be a Greenshirt I donít care)
(I refuse to say Double) Clutch
ďCommandoĒ style Snake Eyes
Comic Pack Scrap Iron
Firefly (Any version will do)
Rock & Roll
Flash x2 (complete Accessories)
Battle Armored Cobra Commander
Gung Ho

Will also trade army builders 1:1 old for new (in theory). The list is as follows Comic Pack Cobra Trooper (1), Night Watch Cobra Troopers (4white, 1 black) would be traded for any 25th Version Cobra Trooper. Comic Pack Cobra Officer and Night Watch Cobra officer (purple and red) for Cobra Officer versions. TRU Crimson Guardmen for 25th Crimson Guard. 1 Viper Pit plus 1 VvV Viper (2 Red, 2 Silver, 4 custom python painted blue)for 1 25th Viper.