On request from JediTricks here’s a review of 8009 Technic R2-D2:

The Box:

As in the case with my 8007 Technic C-3PO and 8008 Technic Stormtrooper my sample once again came in a thick cardboard box without the inner “tray” that are common in what I call “seal boxes issues” but cardboard it is and cardboard we get...

The instruction booklet:

Is in full color and 60 pages long and takes you through building the body, right and left leg and finally the dome on pages 2 to 57 but this time around there’s no alternative model to build included in the instruction booklet.

Parts and construction:

Parts come in three sealed plastic bags but with “NO” pictures on them for each step building the kit but the instruction is clear on all points and easy to follow so it shouldn’t cause any problems at all for anyone building this little astromech droid.

The figure itself:

Well... I’m kind of torn about this kit. It looks pretty good to me being a “Technic” kit but since I also have the R2-D2 version from the “Droid Developer Kit” I got two versions of the astromech droid to compare one another with you know. Both has some “good and bad” features to them so it’s kind of hard for me to give a good review of this version but I kind of like them both so I guess I shouldn’t compare them at all. LOL As its real? life counter part the dome can be turned around, its middle leg is retractable, one of its arms?/tools? folds out and then again it has “wheels” in the feet to move around on. So now C-3PO doesn’t have to feel so utterly alone without his fellow companion and we got our all time favorite astromech droid (or is it trash can? LOL) on the shelf or desk and in our collections. Out of all the droids and “human” beings in the LEGO Star Wars Technic line R2-D2 is one of the better of them so therefore I’ll give him a total amount of four out of five lightsaber’s for being so cute.

Now remember people that this is just my personal opinion...

Kindest Regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.