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    Your alma maters

    I just finished my Master's Degree, the highest degree I expect to attain.

    In this thread feel free to list any high school, or college alma maters.

    I'll start:

    1) Lockport High School (NY State) 1998
    2) B.S. Canisius College (Buffalo, NY - Jesuit college) 2002
    3) M.S. State University of New York at Buffalo 2008
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    That would reveal sensitive information that would compromise the resistance's efforts. So I shall use post-coup technology...

    High School: [southern CA area] High School, home of the [mascot], class of 19__
    Junior College: Chaffey College, home of the Panthers, AS Degree in Business Admin. 1993 (or '94?)
    "Real" College: California State University at San Bernardino, home of the Coyotes, BA Degree in Social Science (or History?) 2000
    Teaching Credential Program: at that same "real" college, home of the Coyote Syllabi, Single Subject Credentials in Social Science and English, plus Supplemental Credential in Business Administration, 2002

    "Honorary" Alma Maters:
    Youngstown State University (OH)
    University of Pittsburgh
    The Ohio State University
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    For me:

    High School: Santa Fe High School, home of the Demons, Class of 1991
    College: New Mexico State University, Associate of Art & Graphic Design, 2005

    If military schools count then:
    Army IET (Initial Entry Training): graduated August 1991
    AIT (Advanced Initial Training): 31V - Unit Level Communications Maintainer, Signal Corps, Honor Graduate, graduated November 1991;
    31U - Signal Support Systems Specialist, Signal Corps, Distinguished Honor Grad, graduated August 1995
    PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course), graduated 1996, Commandant's List (military equivalent of the Dean's List)

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    HS Diploma = Pasadena High 1991
    BA = California State University, Los Angeles 2000
    Teaching Credential = California State University, Los Angeles 2002
    MA = California State University, Los Angeles 2004
    About 50 post-graduate units = University of Phoenix 2005-6

    I've been free of doing homework for about 3 years. Now I only grade it...

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    Mt. Baker High School (Mountaineers) - Deming, WA - class of 1988
    Western Washington University (Vikings) - Bellingham, WA - B.S in Math 1992, M.S. in Math 1994
    Took a couple of accounting courses at Bellingham Technical college in 1996.

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    Fairplay Dist 26-It was a small country grade school that I was very proud to have went to.

    Ord High School Chanticleers '90-The mascot is a fighting rooster in case your wondering. I always hated it. I mean, whats intimidating about a chicken?

    University of Nebraska at Kearney '94-B.S. in Comprehensive Computer Science-Basically a CS major and Math minor. Honor Graduate.

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    I got my PHD in kicking your *** from da streets!

    * - with respect to Dr. Tran
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    Sorry no years, I'm sensitive about my age. All majors are Physics.

    High School: Small local private high school/middle school.
    B.A. University of Colorado, Boulder.
    M.S. Montana State University, Bozeman
    PhD TBA
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    K-2: Westerlo Elementary School
    3-12 Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School
    A.A.S Herkimer County Community College(Radio/TV Broadcasting)
    B.S. SUNY Plattsburgh(Mass Communication)
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    HS - small town in KS (Buffaloes)
    College - Benedictine College (KS) (Ravens) BA in biochemistry
    OD - Univ of Missouri - StL (Rivermen, although they've since changed the mascot to something else with a nautical theme)

    plus roughly 18 hours of continuing medical education/year (x10)
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