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    Sci-Fi Channel changes name to "SyFy"

    Ugh, does that have the mark of suck about it! They think this is a Myspace-style branding, but it speaks to nothing, it's very Stypid. I guess they think by taking out the "science" and the "fiction", they can air more wrestling and Grade-F horror flicks while canceling actual sci-fi shows left and right. But at least they have an incredibly crappy logo! That'll help dissuade viewers from abandoning ship left and right. At least this new spelling will make it easy to say "Bye Bye" to "SyFy" (Copyright 2009 JediTricks).

    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Honestly, I don't care what they call themselves. With Battlestar ending friday and the season premier of Eureka being continually pushed back, I may never watch the channel again after this week.

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    Yes, nothing says modern and cool like guys named Sy or Cy....I'm thinking chest hair like a rug with a gold chain medallion, basically Bob from That 70s Show.

    Well we all know what F & Y really stand for.
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    Absolutely ridiculous. Simply because it doesn't change anything at all, you still hate the "Sci/y Fi/y" channel, only now saying the name will leave a bad taste in your mouth. That taste being of a horrible cheesiness that was made by daft people attempting to get away from the entire point of the channel, showing that they truly have no idea what they are running.

    And can you imagine someone stumbling across it that has no knowledge of the change? They're going to look at the logo and wonder, "what the hell is siffy?"

    I suggest they rename themselves "etc." What little original programming they have left has become incredibly unoriginal or just ridiculous, their original movies have never worked, and they simply show what very few or nobody else wants to show. They are not a serious channel anymore, they are simply excess.

    In fact, this whole thing has almost made me feel bad for ragging on TNN when they wanted to change their name to "Spike." Almost.
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    Bring back Tremors: The Series.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I haven't watched in quite a while. I missed when the second half of season 3 of BSG started, so I haven't watched that show since then. I think I watched most or all of the first season of Eureka, but then missed out when it came back.

    It was cool when we finally got cable back in 1997 and I was able to watch some old shows that I watched when I was a kid, like the original BSG, and The Six Million Dollar Man. I also caught a few episodes of MST3K. I used to watch most of their Friday programming - Farscape, First Wave, Invisible Man, Lexx and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. I probably would've watched all the Stargate series when it shifted to the channel, but I hadn't been watching it before that, so I didn't really get into it.

    There were a lot of movies or mini-series that they showed that I was kind of interested in, but never actually watched. A lot of the programming was horror flicks and monster movies. The latter are the type of things I might have liked a lot more when I was a kid, things like dinosaur movies or giant mutant bugs or animals or some such thing.

    What I wish is that there was a channel that could air quality sci-fi series and give them the time to tell their stories. Instead, these shows end up on Fox or one the other networks and get cancelled after a season or less and we don't get to find out how it ends. Firefly, John Doe, Nowhere Man, The Visitor, and Threshold are a few that I was into. I even watched these two short lived UPN shows called Level 9 and Freedom.

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    One big advantage of the name change, the executives say, is that Sci Fi is vague — so generic, in fact, that it could not be trademarked. Syfy, with its unusual spelling, can be, which is also why diapers are called Luvs, an online video Web site is called Joost and a toothpaste is called Gleem.

    We couldn’t own Sci Fi; it’s a genre,” said Bonnie Hammer, the former president of Sci Fi who became the president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. “But we can own Syfy.” own a turd!


    Syfy (pronounced skippy...which is also brown in color).
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    Bonnie Hammer should have been aborted when she got rid of Farscape and brought us ECW Wrestling and Passions. The people in charge of SyFy Channel know NOTHING about science fiction and HATE science fiction fans, so maybe its appropriate they change the name.

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    Same thing with G4 when they started showing Cops, Fastlane and The Man Show. I just like Attack of the Show, but it's rarely on when I want to watch it except during the summer when nothing else is on.

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    You mean they don't call it Gee-4?

    This is about stupid.
    Just my fitty cents.
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