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    Titanium Series to end in 2009

    Goldernit! Our Q&A just came in with terrible news, Hasbro is mothballing the Titanium Series at the end of the year:

    I can't tell you how fast my heart sank reading their answer. Sorry guys.
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    Well let me be the first to say - F**** YOU HASBRO!

    At least we received a straight answer from them, it just ****es me off that they've stuffed around with the line this badly and then blame the cancellation on collectors for some reason not picking up the line. How about re-paints for a good reason? How about new moulds that actually made sense and would appeal to everyone (ie Banking Clan Frigate) rather than pandering to EU enthusiasts with the Virago; IG-2000 etc?

    Maybe, maybe if a new team comes in and global economies begin to recover then Hasbro will take another look at the line.

    BUT I must say I'm grateful for all of the vehicles and ships that Hasbro have put out, most of which are fantastic.

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    As much as it ****es me off, I am kind of glad. 7 bucks a pop for repaints? I only have gotten about 4 of these sine the beginning of the year and passed on alot of the repaints. The price increase was a bit much for me.
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    Frakkin' Hasblo! We relied on this line as the only possible outlet for the large scale ships and all they gave us, for the most part, was snub fighters. At least tell us they are moving to plastic vehicles to control costs. You can't treat the line as horribly as you have, with the endless repaints, push backs and cancellations. How did Galoob do it for so long without even having a figure line to fall back on? I guess I have to wait for F-toys to expand their Star Wars line and pay the extra cash for shipping and handling. So much for buying american. I guess I'm gonna have to cut further back from my 3 3/4" figure collecting habits to afford a new line that I will be happy with. Maybe with Capital Ships. Sorry for the rant maybe I'll be calmer tomorrow.

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    With the concept straying from just Star Wars vehicles, to "titanium" versions of everything under the sun, I can't see how they'd expect to "grow the collecting base."

    And for something that's pretty much an impulse-buy line, it's been too expensive. They never should have gone above $5.

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    I'm wondering if there's any point in a question for the next Q&A along the lines of "Have you learnt anything from the failture of the entire Titanium Series range, and are there any opportunities for a ressurection perhaps in a cheaper plastic form?"

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    Well, if the cancellations means a window of opportunity for a possible return of the Micro Machines line (I know, I know ...) then I'm all for it.

    But this hole things just keeps confirming one thing: if it ain't part of the 3 3/ 4" line, Hasbro doesn't give a crap and would rather blame avid collectors on the failure than to be honest that they messed up once again.


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    Well this is bad news. I thought they were doing reasonably well. The Star Wars line anyways.
    Seems all my favorite stuff always gets dumped.

    Well Star Wars or not, I will still continue to buy all the little spaceships that come along, as I always have. It's just going to be a major bummer to not have Titaniums available.
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    Angry You suck hasbro!

    Smooth move hassbro!

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    Hey... some of that Q&A question seems familiar, somehow... hmmmm...

    I agree with all of y'all... it is dreadful news and it sucketh mightily. But it's not really unexpected... I was surprised when TS returned last year as "Legacy".

    Repaints killed this line... you just can't keep dredging up the same tools and expect people to get excited. Shame Hasbro had to discover this at the point when TS was on its last legs.

    Distribution here sucked arse, too. Pricing became an issue for casual fans or Mums... you can buy about 6 Hot Wheels for the same price as one TS.

    I guess another thing to consider is that they're running out of ships to do...

    It has been a pretty solid run and I am grateful, like DW. And I am running out of space on my Titanium wall! And cash...

    Jesus... BSG dead. Titanium dead. Clone Wars in a coma 'til the Fall. What a frakkin' day!

    Well, like Blue, I'll still be buying small spaceships until I can book passage off-world... somebody out there will take advantage and produce more, eventually. Then, there's customs...

    I wonder if the Outrider will be their swan song.... or is it roadkill?
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