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    Those Jokers AT-ATs are real killers man !!!
    Just 2 of it and a bunch of Troopers and AT-ST,
    and they blasted out my whole line of defence with walls and turrets along with a lot of my troopers.

    The only way I manage to destroy them is with my airborne units.

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    Yeah, I'm close to beating the game right now. Only two more levels to go. The only way to ensure that your base is protected extremely well is to build Anti-Air Missile Turrets. These things have saved my life more than I have ever imagined. Also once you have enough ore and the ability to build a shield generator, I would recommend it. Build as many as you can around the area so your units are well protected. Also one great strategy that I always use is to build as many Bomber units and air units as I can and then attack the enemy by air. Combine that with a powerful attack by sea (if possible) and you won't even have to send in any of your ground units. Just use them to defend your base.
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    If they have just a couple of those anti-aircraft towers, you can kiss your airborne division bye bye !!!

    Those towers are damn powerful defence. Two shots and your bombers / interceptor are history.

    I just found out that a small qty of airborne unit along with a strong ground force can level the whole base if used properly. Especially if you have those AT-ATs blasting big chunks out of the defence.

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    hey has anyone done that sandcrawler rush where on the tatoinne map you go around the map and comandeer sandcrawlers to fight for you?? I did it my first game and won!!!! What a sight!!!!

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    I've done that. Isn't it fun! I have also gotten the food storage shelters on the Imperial Breadbasket (don't remember the name, just the description). I don't know what they do though.
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    Have anybody tried the campaign for the gungans.
    Wow, those bursa are real fast and dangerous.
    I watch just a few of them created havoc for my whole army of troopers. Those gungan troopers are only effective for long range.
    Put the enemy close and that's it for them.

    Thank god those bursa can't reproduce... or else I would have really a tough time disposing them.


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