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    Anyone seen JCVD yet?? It's kinda half and half subtitled (much of it happens in Belgium) so it didn't really hit the North American market.

    It's not the greatest film ever made or anything, but I thought it was damn cool. If you EVER liked Van Damme, in any capacity (I have always been a fan, more for the corny value than anything else) you should probably look for it.

    It's KIND of a biography-type film- Van Damme plays Van Damme the actor in the film. The plot is pretty simple- Van Damme hasn't been getting much work, he's losing a custody battle with his wife (and running out of cash to pay the legal fees) He goes to a bank to try to transfer money to the US but it turns out the bank is in the middle of a violent robbery (which he doesn't "get" until it's too late) The bad guys basically figure that Van Damme is a valuable asset, and the cops and the media assume he IS in fact robbing the bank since he's down on his luck.

    It is NOT much of an action film, but the action there IS was handled in such a way as to make it kind of ironic and actually funny for the most part- it's sort of a dry comedy overall but there's some genuinely touching bits as well.

    Probably not going to get much of a response to this post hahaha BUT I figured there may be a few folks who would watch it- there's a trailer on youtube which should give a pretty good idea of what it is like

    Oyes Van Damme playing the ultimate role, can't disappoint!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I saw the trailer and read a few great reviews, but after that, nothing, so I forgot about it.
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    I've heard of this but still haven't seen it...I loved JCVD when I was a youngster.

    Bloodsport is (seriously) still a cool movie to this day.
    Then he did a lot of other crusty flicks which didn't age well and are very corny...but I still liked as a kid (Hard Target, Double Impact, Kickboxer, etc.)


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