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    Thumbs up My brother's girlfriend was going to throw away . . . (SW related)

    My brother came home with a framed, Giant Size, signed original ANH comic and gave it to me around Christmas. He said his girlfriend was going to take it to the Salvation Army but he said I would take it!

    That's just the start! I came home from college one weekend and my mom says, "Um, something fell down in your room. You better go and check it out." I go upstairs and my light is on but the door is closed. I open it and see Han Solo in Carbonite, Darth Vader, Obi Wan cardboard life size cut outs and a ton of posters and books. Apparently his girlfriend's ex husband was a collector and we left his stuff behind. She called him and he didn't want it. So I got it!

    The next day he brings home more collectables, records, pins, posters, magazines books and a cardboard cut out of Boba Fett! I just wished he collected action figures too

    She was going to throw it out! I am so lucky!

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    Arrgh. Why must you tease us with your tales of good fortune?

    Congratulations. Sounds like a heck of a stroke of good luck.

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    Curse you moriarty! Watson the game is afoot. We will hunt this scurvy knave to the ends of the earth and fleece him of his desirable collectibles until he screams like a little girl. Come - we have a train to catch and the noon tide will wait for no man.......

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    Ahhhh! *hides behind a moisture collector*

    No really, I didn't want to rub it in, I just wanted to show how some people don't realize the value of the things they have.

    Also, how many people know the price of cardboard cutouts? I don't think many people know that they are expensive!

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    yes, the lengths thatpeople will go to just to obtain a tatty dog eared poster or cardboard standee from a movie theater is beyond me. I used to frequent a comic store/collectibles shop and the owner took great delight in telling people they couldn't buy the lifesize cut outs she had of vader and fett because they couldn't afford them. They were used as a screen when the owner was stock taking in the back part of the shop where the comics were kept. In the end they got really tatty and people were still trying to buy them. It amused me to see grown men weep at the sight of a piece of printed corrugated cardboard that was just beyond their financial reach.... Personally, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. What on earth do you do with one? Although, I was offered a life size 3D cardboard model battle droid from a big episode one display in a greetings card store. Sadly although the item was cool and all that, I had no room for it and it went into the trash. Shame. But there you go - that's life for you.

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    I got a cardboard stand-up of Vader of few years ago from my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas. Its pretty decent, and looks good, but it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. They paid $20 for it, anything more than that though, and I wouldn't have bought it.

    You can usually get those cardboard stand ups for under $30. Before the Jawa Trader was run by WOTC, I remember they used to have a section for them, to order from.
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    Yep, they use to sell them for $35 each.


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