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    Talking I found the ONE area where there are NO SW Collectibles - but should be!

    After 25 years of exhaustive research I finally have the answer.

    There are NO Star Wars billiard products! This is a line that could make everyone happy.

    For the broke collecor - Heroes and villains chalk!

    For the semi broke collector - 8 ball rack with Death Star motif.

    For the average collector - character pool cues. My wish would be a cherrywood ROTJ Emperor's Royal Guard! (he siad knowing they wouldn't make a Thrawn with glowing red eyes...)

    For the above average collector - 8 ball set - Heroes set would have a Vader 8 ball.

    For Sansweet - Imperial AND Rebel logo pool tables. And the one per case Fett emblem table.
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    How about pool cues painted like lightsabers? Sounds a little cheesy, but kinda cool too.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    A Royal Guard force pike cue, and the trench run with 2 sides having several Rebel ships in the back of the trench with Luke's X-wing in front, DV in his TIE and two TIEs next to him and the Falcon trailing behind him with them "flying" to the top of the cue and just death star details on the other sides.

    There should be balls that look like planets, the 8-ball of course being the Death Star II since it's the biggest and baddest of the Death Stars.

    Oh yeah, and a pool table with major SW detailing on it with maybe concept artwork or something on it.
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    Transparent balls with representations of different hologram characters in the center, so you can yell things like "Qui Gon Jinn! Corner Pocket!" or "R2 off the Emperor!":happy:

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    The should also give the SW treatment to ping-pong. The paddles can have Imperial, Rebel, Republic, Black Sun, and Naboo emblems on them, and the balls can be painted as probe droids, thermal detonators, training orbs, and Death Stars.

    The net can be interlaced TIE Fighters and X-Wings, and the table can have space battle art.
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    And Jarts! StarWars Jarts!

    (oh wait. they outlawed jarts. never mind)

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    How's about a toilet duck style product shaped like jar jar?
    Or perhaps adult novelties shaped like characters from SW.
    Dead Jawa firelogs?
    Amanaman-limb backscratcher?
    What about "Han Solos smuggler porter"? There's no SW beer yet!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I think I'll hold out for a SW hockey jersey. Preferrably a black, navy blue, and silver one with the Imperial navy symbol as the main logo with smaller Tie fighter patches on the shoulders.
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    In the deleted Anchorhead scenes, Deak and Windy were playing "pool" on that neon lighted, transparent, liquid pool table. If they could make something like that (except for the balls rolling through a half inch of standing water...) that'd be cool.

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    Dead Jawa Firelogs? mabudon, that's classic! I'd buy - and use - those!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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