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    What kind of paint do you use?

    I want to do some customizing of figures and playsets but I am a little unsure of what type of paint I should use to do this. What type of paint do you use and why?

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    I would assume that an easy to use and readily available paint would be Testors. You can find it at most any store (Walmart, K-Mart, etc.). I don't customize but that's probably where I'd start...
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    Plain old acrylic is fine IF you don't want to handle the piece much afterwards- it just sits on the surface and doesn't "stick" to it and in some cases may even be repelled by the rubber/plastic (and I mention this cos if you can get away with it, it's easier to use, water is the only solvent you need)

    You can also (if you are going to repaint an entire figure) prime it with flat white or grey spraypaint- acrylic paint will stick to this much better than the raw figure

    IF you want the piece more durable then definitely use testors or some other enamel as Sliki suggested. You'll need some kind of paint thinner for cleanup and washes.

    OH and pay attention to the difference between flat/matte and gloss. Gloss paint is VERY shiny and tends to make miniature things look very plastic-y so if you're painting stuff like fabric or skin/hide you'll want flat/matte

    Hope this helps- I've been painting minis of all types for over 25 years so I can guarantee I am correct
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    I've had success with Testors on figures. Slick is right about finding it just about anywhere. Mabs is absolutely right with his warning about glossy vs. flat paints. The glossy is good for things like simulating high polish leather or metallic/glass objects. Stay with flat for clothing or skin tones.
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    Thier right about the gloss,matte and flat paints. Teators is a good paint to use. I have done alot of figures and ships and liked the out come. Not to sure about finding the paint at Wal-Mart.Around here I have been told that Wal-Mart is no longer selling model paints. I have a air brush kit from testor and had really good luck with it until the tip broke and when I went to Wal-Mart for another one,thats when I find out they don't sell model paints any more. (Lets hear it for Wal-Mart.) Anyway,pick something like a figure your not that crazy about and give it a try. You may just get hooked on it.
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    Thanks for the advice Everyone!

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    I use a variety of paints, testors and model masters are best but I do have a large amount of Apple Barrel paints that work really well when mixed/diluted just right, after that its just a matter of using the right sealer to match the look I'm going for.


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