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    Survivor Game Changers

    This season's cast list. A few familiar faces, some whose 15 minutes of fame are ticking away.

    Either way, I'm excited for Wednesday night.

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    Couple of observations first:

    * The one tribe's blue water bottles reminded me of Bud Light bottles.

    * There are a few survivors (Hali, for one) I couldn't remember. Varner is the most veteran Survivor, #2. There are four players from the Cambodia adventure.

    Tony and Ciera made classic rookie mistakes. What the heck, Tony, running off into the jungle like a squealing little kid? Bulls-eye. But they should've kept Tony around for another week or so, just for the strength. Ciera was working it way too hard, suggesting who should be voted out.

    Queen Sandra. Boy, what do you say? Don't remember her being as full of it before.

    Still can't stand Cirie. She needs to go.

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    You have to feel for Cody. Medical evac'd on the 9th day, and now voted out on the ninth day. Willing to bet he'll be back in a future season, just to break the nine-day jinx.

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    Was that the craziest tribal council ever? Poor Malcolm never saw that bus that hit him.

    JT is screwed. Wouldn't want to be him.

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    The Queen is dead! God, Sandra was so FOS it wasn't funny. She was good at working/manipulating other people. And it was the very first time her torch had been snuffed out. If it weren't for the tribe shakeup this week, Sandra would be riding high.

    Tai's a clever little man. Two idols!

    For last week, JT was in a bad position. You have to give him credit for trying to get rid of Sandra.

    Debbie's meltdown... Don't know if it were for real or all performance. Liked her 'exile' this week. When this week's ep was teased, I thought an old-timer was being added to the game. Nothing against Cochran, but it was nice he just visited.


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