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Thread: Bones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Now, how will the MLB playoffs mess with FOX's shows next month?
    According to this week's next-week promo, we won't see Bones until November.

    These past two episodes have been fun and funny, which is exactly the kind of light-hearted TV I prefer right now. Realistic, gritty shows don't do much for me at this time.
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    I haven't yet seen last week's show, but this week's one with Veterans' Day/9-11 themes was powerful, among the best in the series, IMHO. Keep a tissue handy. The promo hints at another funny one next time.
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    Interesting how they brought in another crime scene worker for this week's show. I was wrong from the start on whodunnit. A few chuckle-worthy moments, plus the serious (sort of) relationship ones.

    [edit] I finally watched the artisan colony episode today. I guessed the murderer early on and was surprised at how the team missed the most important clue.
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    A street artist gets stuck to the corpse of a dead stand-up comedian (played in video clips by Ralph Garman of KROQ radio fame). Peanut butter was involved.
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    As much as I love Bones, its up against a show I like even more "How I Met Your Mother", HIMYM wins so I haven't seen Bones this season at all.

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    I alternate between taping (??) The Daily Show/Colbert Report and watching Bones on Mondays; I usually watch TDS/CR later. Not much else I regularly seek out on TV anymore.
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    First episode of 2013 airs tomorrow... with dancing!
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    Brennan sure is weird when she tries to interact with others in public (i.e. her "break the ice" story to the dance competitor). I was really wondering if Angie would be leaving the show (impossible without taking Hodgins, too).
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    With Bones moving to the same time as How I Met Your Mother I haven't been watching the show, this past week with a rerun on HIMYM I tried watching Bones but it just seemed kinda "ehh."


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