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Thread: Bones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    The Sweets side stories are just getting sad now.
    I didn't catch that part of the episode but what about him hooking up with that agent? They got along but he was with Daisy so nothing happened but he said if he were ever single...

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    It's just the typical sorry-to-hear-you're-coping-with-a-breakup talk, or he mopes about how things used to be, tries to ask out others who just want to do their jobs (i.e. the agent).
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    I was pleased to see Sweets get to do something this time, and even better that he felt good about the end results. I was wondering if they would have a PSA at the end, on the issue covered. It is sad that you can piece together an entire event by looking at photos (even if it did solve this crime) that seem to narrate their lives for others to see.
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    I'm not sure how well this new intern (name?) will (might?) fit in with the team, but it was fun to watch.
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    Not surprised that Cam and the intern are now known as a couple (not well hidden, anyway). I wondered if this would have an Invisible Children PSA after, but it was tough to watch sometimes, with the child soldiers angle.
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    Like a 7-day amoeba: no Bones this week.
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    I laughed with gusto at the 2 roommates' names! I really wasn't sure as to the killer's identity; this episode had more humor in it than lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I laughed with gusto at the 2 roommates' names!
    Same here. That was hilarious.

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    Somewhere, I had read that this week was supposed to have an ending you won't see coming. Hmm... I called it once that character entered the storyline on-screen. Unless I missed something that didn't even happen; I guess I wouldn't see THAT coming. But I found this both funny and eerie at the same times (a Strange Brew filmmaker romance, on-camera hamming-up, copkiller crimes, etc.); a pretty good mix.
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    Aside from the hot sauce side story, there wasn't much to interest me of this one. And there's a two-week wait for the next new one.
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