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Thread: Bones

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    After my goof last week, I made sure to not only record this one (and set future ones, too) but watch it "live." This was one of the best serious tone episodes in some time: I really liked how they set it up as a chess match, with moves and countermoves where you knew it should go one way, they veered off, then sometimes came back to what you thought was true from the beginning. Nice to see Sweets get the spotlight, too. And the side story with the Canadian foot doctor was well done also (did NOT see the "gift box" plot twist at the end; will there be online bonus un-rated content? ).
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    Another good episode imho, I don't know if its because I've been watching the new episodes on a regular basis or what but the show seems to be back on track.

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    Another good episode tonight,

    and, its moving back to Monday on March 10th AND,

    there will be a 10th season.

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    I heard all that, too. But, it's next on in March?!?

    When I caught the "character finds a long-lost sibling" angle, I groaned inside. "I feel as if a million sharks suddenly were jumped... I fear something terrible could happen." It actually was handled quite well; but quoting Verne word-for-word? That's some skill... or massively OCD! I wondered if they'd end it with a PSA about the dangers of selfies.
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    I wonder if we'll see his brother again or if that was just a one time deal. They could do some sort of conspiracy story where the Hodgins boys unite to figure things out.

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    This Friday (3/7) seems to be another rerun, while the following Monday (3/10) resumes new ones. Then I can use my comment...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Tempjos Bel-nan

    Back's bones! Bones's back!
    Ah, great writing is so... so... good.
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    Pretty good episode, one in which I did not see the end. Funny at the start, but it got more serious.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    A couple weeks ago, I was watching an episode of Almost Human. At the end when the Bad Robot logo came on the screen, instead of hearing "Bad Robot", I heard "What's that mean?" Not sure if this was intentional, or if somehow the wrong sound got played. I hadn't noticed it before, and it wasn't there for last week's episode.


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