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    Thumbs up Susan Boyle: surprising worldwide phenomenon!


    Okay... I admit that I love this woman. She wanted a chance to sing and she got it-- just not before she got looks of dismissal and loads of eye-rolling. This unassuming woman has a voice from God. I champion people like her as they are the most surprising, most caring and most human of our society.

    Within the first couple notes of her performance, I started to tear up from joy and the sheer beauty of her voice.

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    This was incredible. My jaw dropped when I saw it.
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    That's the lady on the Brittan talent show, correct? I heard them mention it on a local a.m. radio show, and they were talking about not judging a book by it's cover.
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    The video isn't playing for me, it locks up just before she starts to sing. Probably too many people watching it, so I'll try again later.

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    I just heard it on NPR, (they frown on youtube here at work, yet they don't mind ssg...go figure.) At any rate, she is amazing. Absolutely amazing and angelic voice.

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    Okay, I finally got it to download, that was pretty amazing.

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    It was like a cross between Fergie and God. For a minute I think she turned into a unicorn.
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    I was watching this show and she really was a revelation. I never thought she'd become worldwide news though! The same thing happened on this show a couple of years ago when Paul Potts walked on. What was really sad was, before she sang, she was talking behind the scenes about her life, and said she'd never been kissed... her life's bound to change now, I hope this part changes too!
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