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    Trilogy DVDs coming THIS YEAR?

    French DVD site, DVD Alliance, announced that it had run across some interesting IMPLIED information regarding the release of the original trilogy on DVD. For those of you who don't read French, I have translated this article for you. You can follow the link to check out the screenshots.

    In the last issue of DVD Vision, number 19, a "Collector's File" DVD dedicated to The Planet of the Apes release came with the magazine. This DVD produced in conjunction with FPE (Fox Pathé Europa) highlights several clips of films available in DVD (X-Men, Titanic, Independence Day, Abyss) or coming (Ice Age, Planet Of The Apes, The French Connection). There were also Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi clips shown. No mention of it is made on the DVD or in the To Be Released articles, but nothing can prevent us from thinking that the Star Wars Trilogy may be released on the DVD format this year. These images are also visible in the menu of the DVD. Here is a series of screenshots taken on this DVD. To find out more, I can only recommend you the purchase of DVD vision issue 19, the DVD will become a collector's item, I am sure of it!!! You can order it thanks to our partner this below.

    If you can recall, a French DVD magazine was one of the first places the news of the TPM DVD was seen!
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    I really hope it is coming soon. We can only hope .


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    Why does no one believe me when I said they were staggering the DVDs every year over the next 6 years? Sigh. Here's the breakdown ...again.

    2001 -- Episode 1
    2002 -- 25th Anniversary Episode 4
    2003 -- Episode II
    2004 -- ESB
    2005 -- ROJ
    2006 -- Episode III
    2007 -- Ultra Super Duper Deluxe 15 disc collectors set with Multiple versions of the films, Holiday Special, and a look at the upcoming third trilogy.

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    you slay me!

    Hahahahahaha- FUNNY!

    You can post it again and again and again...! Why? Because you's me fwend!
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    Not the holiday special....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (screaming like I just found out Darth Vader was my father...oh wait. )
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    This is Geroge Lucas speaking!

    There is no Holiday Special! There never was and there naver will be! It was simply a case of MASS HYSTERIA! If anyone mentions it again I will personally have my lawyers issue a cease and desist order! Is that clear?
    May the force be with you.

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    Ok everyone, repeat after me until Lucas announces the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD this year.

    George Lucas, who arn't insane
    hallowed be thy movies.
    Thy prequels come,
    they will be done,
    on three year Intervals.
    Give us this day our trilogy DVD's.
    Forgive us our pleading,
    as we forgive you for waiting.
    And lead us not into bootleg temptation,
    For the Original, Special, and Archival Editions are yours,
    now and Forever.


    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    What's a DVD? Is this anything to do with that new Televisual medium thingy. Amazing isn't it that they can breed people small enough to fit inside that mahogany chest with the glass screen. And so many of them too! but where do they all go when the shows are over.......?

    Don't believe the hype. Until i see a big advert on TV or in a magazine or get a homing beacon from that says 'exciting news! DVDs to come in spangly shiny cases with stuff you can't access and Rick Potty mouth McCallum in his returning spot of 'F' word over use. All the movies as you don't remember them with new added features and CGI critters and ships and environments that don't look pasted in honest, Jar Jar scenes that link the entire saga together. PLUS! An interview with george where he will finally explain the Darth Sidious/Emperor palpatine connection... Be the first to own this 67 disk set available only in the United States and as a partwork with glossy magazine and free gifts you'll never recieve just like the fact files by D'Agostini publishing. Get ready to rumble this coming fall fall 2015 it's gonna be the bestest goodest set of collectible limited edition pre scratched DVD movie releases EVER!' I won't believe anything.

    or words to that effect......
    Scooobydoo, where are you!!!

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    Originally posted by DARTH DUBIOUS
    ...glossy magazine and free gifts you'll never recieve just like the fact files by D'Agostini publishing.
    So I'm not the only one De'Agostini don't send their stuff to? I'm still waiting for them to send me issue 10!!!


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    PENDO, another Merseysider! I had problems with the fact files too. I ordered them when it was just the trial run and got really shoddy good from them and stuff was bent and missing. I told them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. They still owe me two issues the b*stards! from what i can gather, they've stopped the stores stocking it and it's just the subscribers getting it now. partwork my arse! More like patchy work. I'd save your money and buy the books they nicked all the info from. SW encyclopedia, essential guides, visual dictionaries, incredible cross sections.......

    Back to the DVD, I want to see the original master cut of ANH with a scene by scene documentary style commentary on why and how scenes were constructed the way they were. This should include a full reinstatement of cut footage with or without new sound and effects. just to get a feel of how the movie might have looked. Then I want the cinema release version from 77. Then the SE version.

    I want to see massive photo galleries of all the old stuff in hi-res and loads of nrew pics that we've never seen before.

    I want to see the audition tapes, the outakes and bloopers. I want to see the screen tests for costume, production stills and set designs. I want to see the definitive answer to my question about the Lars homestead not having enough craters in the ground and thus not being able to have light from above spilling into the garage forecourt where the skyhopper is sitting in the garage scenes.

    I want a full soundtrack of every last note of music John williams scored. A frelling huge glossy book, And a thank you from George for lining his pocket all these years.

    And that's just for ANH...


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