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    The Jelli Grub beast from Fallucia

    I think it's awesome that Hasbro made this beast from Fallucia!

    I'd hoped we'd see that. It'd make a nice addition to Aayla Secura's demise during Order 66 (or use it with the Force Unleashed Rancor set).

    Too bad, but I suspect that the pack-in Clone Trooper's helmet is not removeable to reveal the face of Bill Cosby, which would make this a proper JELL-O Grub!

    You know that blue colored JELL-O is flavored blue raspberry or something. It's quite good chilled.

    I might buy this toy, refrigerate it, and then later attempt to eat it as long as my Target keeps getting in an ample supply.

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    Better yet, get the toy, make a mold of it, and then make Jello shooters in it. Just replace the cold water with the liquor of your choice. My favorite is Lime jello with tequila. It's like doing a margarita shot.

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    You could put the salt in the Clone Trooper's helmet.

    I don't know if Hasbro will read this thread, but I'm sure they never thought that their toy would ever be used in this manner.

    Maybe it should be released as the first BevMo! Star Wars exclusive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post

    I don't know if Hasbro will read this thread, but I'm sure they never thought that their toy would ever be used in this manner.

    Certainly not by 8 to 12 year olds.

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    I saw a bumper sticker (that's out of date for the current times, but not from memory).

    It said "Drink - don't drive. Beer is cheaper than gas."

    Maybe it's a sign of the time(s), but instead of Dad taking Junior to his Little League game, he could offer him a cold one and this old sage advice: "Have a beer and don't cry about it."

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    I've heard of the gelagrub from Felucia, but certainly never the Jelli Grub from Fallucia!
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    Just watch out for the jella bears, oh my! BTW, at $23 per, I'm making a mold.

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    I will buy one. It's another beast. I like SW beasts and animals.
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    Mmmmmm, Jelly Bears....
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Was that in the movie? I don't remember it. It's really weird, I wonder if it has articulation at all. Why would they make a toy of a disgusting slug that nobody remembers? If it was a Clone Wars set, I could understand, but that's a movie figure on top of it. I am surprised to see a few folks here want it.

    I am more interested in the Clone War set with the Droid Commandos, but that news hurts my interest in the regular figure.
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