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    SW figures not yet produced

    I lost count but how many characters just from the original trilogy have not been released? I was curious but I hope I don't drive anyone crazy. Thanks for reading.

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    Lots!!!!!! And LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say with all 3 of the original trilogy with my math and calculating I would say they could make another 60 figures of it before they satisfy my list.

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    They will never satisfy mine!!!!!
    "pork is not a verb"

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    From Star Wars Episode IV A NEW HOPE

    1. General Jan Dodonna
    2. Capt. Colton Antilles
    3. Red Leader Gavin Driess
    4. The Tonnika Twins
    5. Hem Dazon, the Arconan
    6. Wioslea, the speeder sales...thing
    7. Danik Jerico
    8. R1-G4 droid
    9. CZ series droid
    10. LNK mining droid
    11. Djas Puhr (on his way!)
    12. Rebel Technicians in green jumpsuits
    13. Rebel techs in gray jumpsuits
    14. RA-7 (silver DS droid from sandcrawler)
    15. Imperial ISB Officer Wulf Yularen
    16. Imperial Chief Bast
    17. Han Solo w ceremonial medal
    18. Battle Damaged R2-D2 (from DS assault)
    19. Feltipern Travagg, the Gotal
    20. Myo, the cyclops
    21. Mi'oom Onith
    22. K'tik Keed Kak, the giant mantis
    23. Saitor Kal Fas
    24. Elis Helsrot, the Givin
    25. Han Solo Stormtrooper disguise (never been on a card!)
    26. Imperial General Tagge
    27. Bom Vidim, the Advosze
    28. Dice Ibegon
    29. Camie
    30. Fixer
    31. R5-A2 (yellow astromech from Mos Eisley)
    32. Bantha droid from mos Eisley back alley
    33. Corey Swilla
    34. Biggs Darklighter (Anchorhead Uniform)

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    From Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

    1. General Carlist Riekann
    2. Imperial Admiral Ozzel
    3. Toryn Farr
    4. Imperial General Veers
    5. Imperial Capt. Needa
    6. Cloud Car Pilot
    7. E-Chu-ta Droid
    8. Major Bren Derlin
    9. Cloud City Citizen (preferably the guy saving his Mr. Coffee during the evacuation )
    10. Echo Base technician
    11. Echo base tauntaun handler
    12. C-3PO with detachable leg
    13. Smuggler Lando Calrissian(from ESB finale)
    14. Dirty Dagobah R2-D2
    15. Recovery Room Luke Slywalker
    16. Recovery Room Princess Leia
    17. R-3PO
    18. Bespin Revelation Darth Vader
    19. Han Solo w/ torture chamber rack
    20. Zev Senesca
    21. Derek "Hobbie" Klivan
    22. "Good Shot" Jansen
    23. Dagobah Luke resculpt
    24. Hoth Han Solo resculpt
    25. Lobot resculpt
    26. Black Bespin Security variant

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    "Almost there, Almost there..."
    From Star Wars Episode VI Retunr of the Jedi

    1. General Crix Madine
    2. Imperial Dignitary
    3. imperial Dignitary #2
    4. Jabba the Hutt
    5. Chief Chirpa
    6. J'Quille
    7. Elom
    8. Cane Adiss
    9. Yarna D'al Gargan
    10. Wooof
    11. Rappurtunie
    12. Ak Rev
    13. Umpass Stay
    14. Hermi Odle
    15. Taym Dren garen
    16. Abyssin
    17. Imperial Moff Jerjerrod
    18. Funeral Pyre Darth Vader
    19. Bartender R2-D2
    20. Sgt Doallyn
    21. Kithaba
    22. Ewok w Stormtrooper Helmet Xylophone
    23. Endor Leia
    24. Utra Edition ROJ Luke Slywalker
    25. Green Slime C-3PO w/ pop out eye
    26. Rock n Roll Endor Trooper in Biker Scout disguise

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    Perfect ROLLO - Perfect!

    But nevertheless I add a couple (all but the first are from ROTJ):

    1) Gonk droid variation with rack on top - Echo Base

    2,3,4) EWOKS! Romba, Lumat, Warrick, Paploo (resculpted and carded)

    5) There's this one cool Ewok dude by Leia when she comes out of the hut to find Han & Co. captured and cooking, and he has this awesome "death's head" top piece on, that would really make a bad Ewok!

    6) Nikto (Jabba's Palace Version) - originally a vintage with cloth skirt

    7) Bubbo (the assassin dog from Jabba's Palace everyone likes) - good pack in with Herme Odel, Sgt. Doallyn, or J'Quille....

    8) Battle Damaged R2D2 from the Shield Bunker

    9) R2D2 with launching lightsaber (new and improved)

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    Thanks for the lists Rollo, I agree. We need all of those atleast and so many more. And good additions Tycho, I am sure I could come up with a few myself, but for know the combined lists become my full wishlist.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    My goof: I think the green Nikto I want IS actually Woof.

    Great Job, ROLLO! I printed this and am going to use it as a checklist for the line (mostly for 2003-2004) to see what we can get!

    Are you going to add a Phantom Menace List?


    The Report-

    Cantina Patrons / Mos Eisley Aliens

    Note: there are 12 Cantina Patrons (counting the Tonnika Sisters as one 2-pack), so at 3 per year, we'd have all these by 2006!
    They could still do one more cantina dude this year I hope.

    The Abyssin should have been in this grouping - a Cantina patron - so that makes 13 really. Therefore, one more this year would fix that - though I hope it's the Arcona or Kitik!

    Jabba's Thugs

    There's 13 from Jabba's Palace, not including the Hutt - he'd be a beast asst. anyway. Some of these I'm less enthusiastic about, while others like Rappertune or Bubbo could be included with another figure. I don't know if my dear-to-heart formula of 2 Jabba Goons per year will work here, but if they did do it this way, we'd get 10 figures through 2007. I'm not sure when the license expires, but certainly 10 of the 13 could get done by 2006, as 2-packs would work for extra-small characters here. I just hope Bubbo's articulated - same with Rappertune.

    ASTROMECHS were largely neglected, save for the Mos Eisley R5 droid:


    Red R3
    Blue R3
    Green R3
    Green R2
    Red R5

    all seen mostly in the Death Star / Yavin cuts

    Yellow / Orange R5 (you listed - Mos Eisley)


    Black head R4 (Echo Base)
    Orange R3 (Echo Base)


    Black R5 DSII
    Black R4 DSII


    Yellow R2

    That's 11 all together, and at 2 per year.... we could get at least 8 of them. They are already doing 2 this year, remember ? The question is, will Hasbro produce Star Wars figures in 2007.

    That all depends a lot on how much do they have left to cover from Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

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    Who gave Rollo an excuse to do another list??? And what a great list it is!!! Where is the Phantom menace list? How about a list with links to pics for those us who don't have every piece of star wars literature ever published?
    "pork is not a verb"


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