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    2009 The Phantom Menace wave

    The main page has pictures. God, these cards are terrible. The white really makes them look empty. Rum Sleg's picture is just the figure itself, and Sidious's is from ROTJ!

    Obi-Wan doesn't look too great. They put in the better lightsaber, per someone's request from Q&A, but they didn't paint the details. The Gungan Warrior's paint is pretty abysmal. The others look pretty good, though.
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    The cards look cleaner to me. I don't mind them. Then again, I don't care about the cards. I just care about the figures not sucking. I think the Obi-Wan looks okay. His "tail" looks a little too long, however.
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    Is there a figure not shown? The BAD looks to be missing an arm.

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    The other figure is Queen Amidala in her purple leaving Coruscant/Qui-Gon's funeral outfit.
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    Ah, gotcha!

    Even with a redone Obi-Wan (one of the few remaining sorely needed updates), this looks like a wave worth getting in its entirety.

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    I really hope they paint Obi's lightsaber. It looks terrible just silver. And does anyone know if the Gungan Warrior's horn holster there is removable?
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    I'm liking all these for the most part, though Obi-wan's braid looks like a tentacle coming out of his head. The fiber braid on Ep. 1 Obi was better looking.

    Gungan warrior is cool with 14 points, SA looks like, and some neat accessories.

    Definitely want Sidious. He'd work good for a Clone Wars scene also.

    I like the obscure Rum Sleg too. This will probably be the only Rum we ever get, since Hasbro usually only puts out these kind of characters once.
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    I was looking forward to the Obi, but maybe not now with tentacle braid....yikes....
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    I prefer these cards over the current ones.

    I definitely want to complete L8-L9. Fortunately, every figure in the wave is a buy for me so I won't have to resort to repack figures in this wave for droid pieces.

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    doesn't really matter what they look like yet, since i'm not likely to see them until 2011. i've rarely encountered the ANH wave and have yet to see any evidence of the ESB wave at retail.


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