Is it really necesary for these new toys, such as the y-wing to be 79.99. I mean, come on. We all know that as much as we wish to send our kids to college, that our collections will never do that with market saturation as it is. Honestly, I love to buy these new toys for my kids to play with. I get so much more enjoyment from that than watching my starcases gather dust. My old star wars toys look like debris from the second death star battle. I have be a collector since 95' and its true, I do get caught up in value. For example I wanted to give my son my POTF AT-AT but when I saw it was worth $150 on ebay it was hard for me to fathom giving a 6 year old $150 of toy for fun. Shoot, my dad wouldnt pay $99 when I was a kid for the USS Flagg and it was huge. Im sick of Hasbro and their outrageous pricing. These items should be priced for kids to play with. All these plastics are going to have to be recycled in the future anyway in order to keep up with our demands for oil.