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    RIP. Cannonball Run is the first movie i recall including outtakes during the credits. Dom and Burt must've had a great time making those movies cuz they were always messing up takes laughing.

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    His roles in BLAZING SADDLES and ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS are two of my favorite roles of his, especially in BLAZING SADDLES. RIP good sir.
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    This is one of the few celeb deaths I have to admit I'm quite sad to hear about, I loved Dom DeLuise's work. In fact, even in a bad movie I always enjoyed him. He just couldn't be brought down even if everyone else was lacking. I'll truly miss seeing him randomly pop up and bring instant comedic splendor.
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    Sad to hear, but not surprising. He was a really funny guy. My first exposure to him was Buddy in Blazing Saddles, and he had considerable range there and in everything else. It was kind of a bummer that he didn't get more work in the last 15 years. The comedy world has suffered a significant loss with his passing.
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    So long, Koosalagoopagoop.
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    Cannonball Run.....what a classic.
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    Dun-dun-dudun! He will be missed; hilarious.

    10. History of the World: Part 1
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    1. The Cannonball Run
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