Hello all,

I was hoping one of you board members in Grand Rapids could help me out. Here's the story. I live in LA and I recently won three 'Star Wars' auctions from one of the Grand Rapids Goodwill stores. The B-Wing, X-Wing, and Y-Wing from '84... (old beat-up boxes included!)

Here's my problem, The store listed EACH item at twenty pounds! They also state, "No combined shipping allowed". That means they are charging me over $120.00 to ship three SW toys to me!!! With the economy the way it is,.. I just can't do that. Ugh!

They do offer an onsite pick up. I was hoping someone could pick up the three ships, and send them to me. I'd pay S&H of course. (Even gas money if needed)

IN RETURN,.. I am going to attend the San Diego Comic Con this year. I'll pick up and ship any exclusive items you need (as long as I can get a'hold of it) You can paypal or send a check to me for the SDCC items.

I know this is a huge favor but I have helped out other collectors in similar situations. I hope someone can help. If not, I am open to any suggestions you guys can offer...

Thanks in advance,

This is the address of the Goodwill Store,

3035 Prairie St. S.W.
Grandville, MI 49418