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    This thread is dedicated to the question...What ever happened to?

    As in, WHY hasn't Hasbro re-made these vintage figures?

    Now, some of these may be open to interpretation, and I may be off base with 1 or 2. Feel free to put in your 2 cents.

    General Madine? We really need this one!

    Imperial Dignitary? OK, so he got like 2 seconds of screen time, but other characters got far less and still have a figure for the newer line. (Aurra Sing)

    Uncertain Characters:

    Rebel Commander? This Hoth commander was never really re-done. It may be unnecessary, but a General Reiken (or however it's spelled) would be great!

    Death Squad Commander/Death Star Commander? I know, he's a lot like the Death Star Trooper, but this guy had the gray uniform of an officer. So technically it's a different character.

    Misc. Ewoks? There were 8 in the original vintage line. We only got 2 with the FF and 1 with the upcomming AT-ST/Speeder bike, and the horrible "Complete Galaxy" ewok.

    Honerable mention to the Characters we got, but were not CARDED/etc:

    Luke Skywalker (Battle Poncho)? His pack-in was SUBSTANDARD!!! Even by Hasbro standards. A carded version could have a removable helmet.

    Princess Leia (Combat Poncho)? Same as poor Luke.

    AT-AT Commander? General Veers AT-AT pack-in. Again I say...we need him carded.

    A-Wing Pilot? Another pack-in job.

    B-Wing Pilot? We never really got this guy, even as a pack-in, as he was replaced by a rehashed figure!!!

    Bespin Guard? We got at least 3 versions in the vintage line!

    BTW, kenner SHOULD have made a Han Solo in Stormtrooper outfit, with removable helmet!
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    We haven't really gotten a corrected Han Hoth and the Endor Han from the POTF2 line really needs to be redone.

    Are you referring to the moustache variations for the white Bespin Guard when you say we had three to choose from?

    You didn't mention Bespin Leia, even though she was carded, she wasn't offered with the standard line.

    Don't forget about Klaatu (Wooof) and the Nikto from the vintage line (which was from the second skiff, the POTF2 3-pack version was on the Sail Barge). The vintage Barada was sculpted like Barada but painted like Kithaba, so I believe we need a Kithaba to balance it all out (but I might be biased ).
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    Uh, I don't know if I'm reading too much into these posts, but it sounds like you want resculpts of VINTAGE figures, not just vintage characters in the POTJ-type lines! Kenner (unfortunately) is dead as trading cards ( Rollo T., you listening?), so I don't forsee any updated figs from that nostalgic line.

    Now if I'm wrong...

    gimme a B!
    gimme an S!
    gimme an L!
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    Yes give me a General Madine, Klattu(Wooof), Imperial Dignatary, New Han Hoth, New Han Endor, New Luke Hoth, and i'll be a happy man.
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    I think eventually we are going to see all of the vintage figures redone except, perhaps, not all of the ewoks - which the vintage line went a little overboard with.

    Afterall, just look at what is coming down the pipe right now: Imperial officer, FX-7, Amanaman, Teebo, and another ewok whose name escapes me, scheduled to come with the AT-ST/Speeder bike.

    I am confident that the Iperial Dignitary and General Madine will probably pop up within the next year. In fact, I would bet on it.

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    I believe Paploo is the AT-ST/Speeder Bike Ewok.
    Other named vintage Ewoks yet to be POTJ'd:
    Chief Churpa

    p.s. Would a resculpt of Lumat make him "Luumat?"

    IMO, General Madine is the most significant vintage figure yet to be produced. The other Rebel Generals (Rieekan, Dodonna, etc.) are the next yet-unmade figures that should get 3 3/4'd.
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    Thumbs up

    You guys are forgetting Jabba the Hutt. He desperately needs to be re-done in all of his ROTJ glory.
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    I don't know I would have to say the one figure that was one of my favorite vintage figures , that desperatly needs to be redone is R5-D4

    one more that wasn't mentioned , cloud car pilot

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    Bel Cam Jos posts
    Rollo T., you listening?
    Their sentiment is in the right place, even if the thread isn't, BCJ.

    (sigh) All I'm asking for is one wave Hasbro. One wave to finish up the sculpts of all the vintage figures without current counterparts.

    1. Crix Madine
    2. Cloud Car Pilot
    3. Imperial Dignitary
    4. Wooof
    5. Echo Base Technician
    6. Ewok 2-pack Chirpa and Romba

    Why is that so hard? You can crank out Obi Wan resculpts like we care and Vader variations like theres no tomorrow. Why can't you give us these small concessions?

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi

    Their sentiment is in the right place, even if the thread isn't, BCJ.

    1. Crix Madine
    2. Cloud Car Pilot
    3. Imperial Dignitary
    4. Wooof
    5. Echo Base Technician
    6. Ewok 2-pack Chirpa and Romba
    Who is "Wooof?" Is it a clone of Woof? And I assume Echo Base Technician is the vintage Rebel Commander. Or is it Rebel Soldier on Hoth? We're also missing these Kenner ones:

    SILVER Death Star Droid (really the Jawa sandcrawler one)
    BLACK Bespin Security Guard
    Emperor's Royal Guard (I deny the POTF2 one ever existed )
    GRAY Death Squad/Star Destroyer Commander
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