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    Question Boba Fett FF variation

    I have a couple of the Boba Fett FF figures and the spealed impriosoned wrong on the card, does that make it a variation?
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    The spelling was never changed and therefor it does not change the value and it is not a variation.
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    Whooh! Thank goodness sith killer 99 came along and translated that for us. I was having a David Fuller moment there. For those of you who don't speak sithninja and other similar gramatically different languages: "...and they spelled imprisoned wrong..."

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    But still worth between $30-$40
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    Smile Thanks

    Everyone, thanks for the help.
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    Oh, certainly.

    I should know, I'm still missing one for my collection.

    My old one got damaged. Had to open it.

    Traded the slide.

    Never replaced it.
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