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    Please post your VOTE for up to 6 {six} of the questions provided in this thread, letting us know which ones you most want to see asked on Friday, June 12th. Keep in mind that your votes in round 68 do not count in this round, so if your question is still on the list you may want to vote for it again.

    Also, feel free to post new questions. For reference, here are Hasbro's answers to previous SSG questions; and from other sites. The questions we asked last round can be found here.

    Current questions (vote for up to 6):

    1. - In Hasbro's awesome Comic-Packs line, we've been treated to Marvel Star Wars issues 1-4, and Dark Horse Revenge of the Sith issues 1, 3, and 4. Any chance we could get comic packs of the missing Marvel SW #5 and 6, and Dark Horse ROTS #2, to complete their respective tales? (Just spitballing ideas: we could certainly do with a Leia/3PO pack for MSW#5 and perhaps a Rebel/Imperial Pilot set for #6, and ROTS #2 could use Grievous and a new deco Clone.) And what about Comic Packs for the other movie adaptation comics like Marvel ESB and ROTJ, or Dark Horse TPM and AOTC?
    2. - In the Clone Wars line, a few scale issues have come up. Obi-Wan and Anakin figures stand pretty short compared to their non-animated figure counterparts, while Clone Troopers stand unusually tall compared to their non-animated counterparts, and obviously this means CW Obi-Wan and Anakin stand pretty short compared to the Clones. What gives here? Was this an intentional choice, and if so, why?
    3. - Why are the Droid Factory build-a-droid parts for C-3PX incompatible with the basic figures' build-a-droid parts, especially the other protocol droids like RA7's? 3PX has a ball joint for his head while RA7 has a post, and the pegs for the arms and legs also differ, thus making it impossible to mix-n-match parts, which the concept had otherwise highly adopted. Was this done on purpose, and if so, why?
    4. - Does Hasbro have any plans to update the Dianoga in the near future? We need one that is better detailed, better articulated and perhaps featuring multiple bendy tentacles. If you were to update the Dianoga, what format would you release it in: Battle Pack, a basic carded figure, Ultimate Battle Pack, something else?
    5. - This might seem like an odd request, but could you re-issue the old Kenner X-wing, specifically the POTF2 version, with some modifications? There's no X-wing at kid pricing anymore, the only OT vehicles at the Starfighter pricepoint are lonely TIEs with nobody to fight, and that classic X-wing had some decent sculpting, strong wings, and is fun to whoosh about. As well, the POTF2 version had a pretty decent deco (though pre-applied stickers would be nice), and that version also had the best sound effects in any X-wing (aside from the Power FX X-wing, but the sacrifices there are numerous), those sounds alone would sell another batch to collectors. The set could use a tune-up on the cockpit interior, the canopy exterior, the dedicated R2-D2, and the blaster tips need to be reoriented to the proper upright position. Don't you think the kids today deserve an awesome X-wing fighter?
    6. - In a recent Q&A, you mentioned that "[Hasbro] will continue working with Sideshow on their 12" figure program." As we know, Sideshow sub-licenses their 12" Star Wars through Hasbro's Star Wars license, but the intricacies of this relationship are not fully understood. With your recent comment above, collectors are ever more curious as to how exactly Hasbro and Sideshow work together on that 12" figure line. What types of input does Hasbro have into the Star Wars items that Sideshow produces?
    7. - Beyond Star Wars, many other franchises have tried their hand at Titanium Series - Battlestar Galactica, Indiana Jones, Marvel, Transformers, even Stargate was floated as being in some level of planning - yet they all eventually faded away from Titanium Series' light. What lessons has the Titanium Series team taken away from those other licenses' lines and their passings? For example, you put off the wave with the BSG Basestar and couldn't find a slot for this new tooling before the license ran out, yet you released a Starbuck repaint of the Viper mk 2 at theproverbial 11th hour (and didn't hit shelves until the 13th hour), an unusual distinction which fans don't really understand, and could use more behind-the-scenes insight into - why didn't that Basestar tooling get shoehorned into a later wave before the license with Universal ran out? Why release a repaint vehicle that won't satisfy fans as much, rather than an all-new mold which fans have been clamoring for?
    8. - Regarding the future of Star Wars Mighty Muggs, what wave will be the final one at retail before the line becomes a TRU exclusive? Will some sought-after previous entries like Leia and the Stormtrooper be re-released? For Entertainment Earth's shared exclusives, who will they be sharing those with?
    9. - Does Hasbro have access to the old Kenner Droids line's vehicle molds, the Side Gunner, ATL Interceptor, perhaps even the infamously never released White Witch? Will there be any chance to see these given new life and released under Hasbro one day?
    10. - What was the decision making process behind creating a Jabba the Hutt animated figure instead of a Ziro the Hutt figure? Ziro has appeared in the Clone Wars series more than Jabba so far, and his animated behavior fits the Clone Wars animated series better than Jabba. Was it merely the character recognizability of Jabba, or the fact that you had existing accessories for him, or was the idea of an evil Truman Capote Hutt just too out there for ya?
    11. - A recent disassembly of your Titanium Series V-19 Starfighter led to the surprising discovery of a detailed cockpit underneath the opaque yellow canopy. Why was this item released with the opaque canopy rather than a transparent one which would have shown off the detailing underneath? You guys are paying to design, sculpt, and tool up that interior, so why hide it? Will this be addressed in some sort of re-release before the line's end?
    12. - Understanding that it's still too far away to talk about and that plans could always change, with the upcoming live-action TV show on the horizon to again boost interest in Star Wars collecting, would Hasbro release those figures as their own separate line, or would they be integrated into an overall line such as the Saga series?
    13. - On the Toy Fair slideshow image for the Walmart Droid Factory 2-packs, the Boba Fett shown with BL-17 doesn't appear to have the chest emblem on his armor, just like the majority of the Evolutions Boba Fett on which this figure is based. Was this merely a photography issue, will the final version of the Droid Factory Boba Fett be sporting the proper chest emblem tampo, or is the missing emblem to be expected on this set?
    14. - Hasbro has had a long history of packing new figures or improved sculpts in various multipacks with re-released figures. This essentially makes longtime collectors choose between re-purchasing figures they may have multiple times already (Vader and Han Solo are notable repeat offenders), or completely miss out on the new figures in the sets. This has, unfortunately, caused many unscrupulous collectors to purchase the sets, remove the figures or accessories they want, replace them with older, less desirable figures, and return them to the store for full credit. Though honest collectors will bring this to the attention of store management, many times the tampered-with items are back on the shelf the next day for whatever reason. Though we understand the business sense behind offering the new with the old, the practice of figure-swapping-to-return theft is steadily on the rise and far less rare than it should be, while employees are less able or diligent to keep that tampered product off their shelves. Isn't there anything you can do to potentially slow the problem, both the initial swapping and the employees re-stocking the tampered items after it's been brought to their attention?
    15. - As the first generation of TLC and Clone Wars packaging nears the end of its run, we are noticing smaller amounts of new waves hitting local stores, and odd case assortments in those waves and their revisions. The ESB wave seems to be trickling in very slowly, with many collectors not having seen it "in the wild". The AOTC wave has appeared online, but still not in stores as of June. Clone Wars wave 5 has appeared in short supply and with a case assortment that still only includes 1 of each new figure, padding shelves with existing figures that aren't in short supply and don't seem to need significant restocking, while ensuring new figures get choked out, and it seems to be continuing for the next few CW and TLC waves (we understand the Hasbro argument about not having enough new product manufacturing volume for a wave, but there seem to be less revisions to address that, and more figures not moving fast enough to make way). While we understand that there is always a retailer reset of the lines with new packaging, a holding of the breath, it seems like this year it's been a longer-term problem and many collectors are growing frustrated with the scarcity of newer figures. Are there other reasons behind the lack of new figures on shelves, is there a remedy for it before the new packaging comes in?
    16. - Recently, pictures of the TPM wave surfaced online, and they seem to be of final production samples. We've seen a trend in the last few years of deco work becoming steadily weaker and weaker, with the Gungan Warrior sporting a particularly weak deco. On all previous Gungans, the colored parts of the arms have been detailed and accurate to the film and the different colors on the face have blended together well; on this new version, the paint seems sloppy, with no details on the arms and a stark contrast between the dark and light colors. While we understand that you've cut back on weathering and other details due to cost issues, this Gungan seems a bit much. Will we continue to see increasingly poor paint applications as the line continues, is there too much budget given to articulation at the expense of deco, and if so, what reasons are behind these issues? Will the line's deco get cheaper and more toyetic as the prices increase due to ever-tightening budgetary issues?
    17. - The upcoming Geonosis Assault battle pack (the one with 2 pilots and a newly-scaled Gunship ball turret), we have a couple purchase-potential questions. First off, we haven't seen any images yet of the turrets attached to the Gunship toy. While we imagine it works using the hinge from the mini-turrets we got with the Saga pilot figure, there's no actual view of how this all works out together, so for collectors to arm up with these new turrets, they'll need to buy 2 sets before even seeing it in action. Is there a way we could get a photo of the new turret attached to a Gunship to give collectors an idea of how it'll look before they have to decide whether or not to plunk down $50+ on 2 sets? Also, while this set will work well for AOTC and Clone Wars gunships since those all feature the Phase I clonetrooper armor and the pilots that come in this battle pack are in that style, for a ROTS era Gunship, the pilots in this set won't be accurate to the ROTS Phase II armor design. With that in mind, will Hasbro be likely to re-release the turret in the future with ROTC clones or ARC pilots? This would be important to know so fans can decide whether or not to stock up on this set now or wait for possible re-releases with different clones.

    Vote now, and suggest new questions too. Thanks for participating!

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    By the way, I didn't realize it at the time, but I believe we passed our 400th answer in the last round. That's amazing!
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    Hey JT, question for ya. I noticed that last round we submitted 6 questions, but the last lot of answers Hasbro gave us were only to 3 questions though I'm sure we submitted more for that round too. What gives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Windu View Post
    Hey JT, question for ya. I noticed that last round we submitted 6 questions, but the last lot of answers Hasbro gave us were only to 3 questions though I'm sure we submitted more for that round too. What gives?
    Seeing as JT's offline, I'll answer on his behalf.... we send in 6 of our questions every month, but only 3 of these are via SSG - the other 3 get answered through another of SirSteve's sites:
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    Oooooh I didn't realise that. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jobi-dad View Post
    5, 9 & 12 (my reply was too short, so I was requested to use some filler to make it longer. The reply "5, 9 & 12" is in reference to the questions I am voting for. I believed this to be obvious, but I am stating it here so there is no confusion. this is a land of confusion. This is the world we live in. And these are the hands we're given. I'm lending a hand and casting a vote. A vote for 3 entries because none of the others interest me much and I don't want one of my votes to help elivate a question I don't care as much about above one of these three, given that one of these quesions was posed by me months ago. Ok, I believe this is long enough, so I am going to try to post again).
    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Generally people just say "5, 9 & 12 ..." or something to fill up the minimum 10 chars. In fact, if you had included another comma, that would have got you to the minimum.

    I probably shoulda added a smiley, but if it wasn't obvious, I was being a little smart#$$ since I had to add another character anyway... I mean, it even says the minimum length is 10 characters. But, I assume JT got it since he added the smiley. Now, why I feel this warrants bringing up, I have no clue.
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    Well, now that you've quoted it here, I can respond and say that I LOLed. Loudly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NerfTW View Post
    Well, now that you've quoted it here, I can respond and say that I LOLed. Loudly.
    Well, as long as one person appreciated it, I'm good!
    Ex-wife to me in the toy aisle: "Why do I sense we've picked up another plastic lifeform?"

    Thanks to sebillba for the trade!

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    (This is an issue that affects multiple lines; I've noticed it in GIJoe and Star Wars. I dunno if you'd want to mention that.)

    Sometimes, figures come with accessories that are very small, the purpose of which aren't immediately obvious, or require assembly without instructions. A couple of recent examples include the Jawa/Treadwell Droid set, which contains several tiny pieces that are separate in the package, and the Spacetrooper, whose cannon's "handle" can easily be separated from the cannon when removing the figure from the packaging. Hasbro figures no longer come with instructions for assembly, and, in the case with Star Wars figures, there is no photo on the packaging that's large enough to use as reference. Since the packaging is individualized anyway, could future figures with small parts or assembly required have brief instructions or reference photos on the cardback? (Collectors know where to go online to find photos. Kids most likely do not.)

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    New question (and by all means add more variety to spice it up a bit):

    Dear Hasbro,

    In recent Q&A sessions you've stated that there are a few lines in the Star Wars brand, such as the Titanium Series and Mighty Muggs to name two, that are mostly collector driven rather than being driven by kids.

    With that basis, does Hasbro have any plans to collaborate with the communities for collector-driven lines in order to find out what the collectors actually want? To use an example, Titanium collectors keep asking about Capital Ships, yet we're constantly told by Hasbro that we didn't actually want them. This seems to be counter-productive for all sides, as the collectors miss out on what they want, and the line will inevitably suffer.


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